How five companies personalized customer service.

Watch how Marriott, Southwest, Farmers Insurance, KONE, and Eli Lilly personalized the customer experience with Service Cloud.
From streamlining digital service to accelerating agent productivity, Marriott, Southwest, Farmers Insurance, KONE, and Eli Lilly use Salesforce to rapidly respond to customer needs.

Marriott empowers associates to deliver personalized customer service to guests.

In this short video [2:40], you'll learn how Marriott supports customers on any channel, at any time, at scale.

The beauty of the Salesforce Platform is it gives us a 360-degree view of our platform.”

Brian King, Chief Digital and Revenue Officer

Anytime you can surprise and delight someone with service, you need information to do that. And Service Cloud is the heart and we have the right information at the right time delivered to our associate at the moment of that customer interaction. Because the customer interaction is the moment of truth.”

Brian King, Chief Digital and Revenue Officer

What makes Apple Business Chat and Service Cloud so powerful is when a customer engages with Marriott, we're engaging back with one of our associates. It's actually servicing the customer [in] real time.”

Brian King, Chief Digital and Revenue Officer

Southwest Airlines empowers employees to provide better service.

In this short video [2:40], you'll learn how Southwest creates an inclusive workplace culture with Service Cloud.

Providing a single view of the customer was paramount for us. And now we're partnering with Salesforce to empower our employees with the tools to deliver an experience.”

Erica Tyler, Director of Business Strategy

About 10% or more of our employees utilize some level of accessibility in our contact centers, and we wanted to make sure that product, that company, would have to be just as passionate about accessibility as we are. Salesforce Service Cloud just kind of fits right in line with that.”

James Ashworth, Vice President, Customer Support and Services

This product is a win-win for not just our site and reps. It encompasses every member of Southwest that will be touching the product.”

Eric Aiken, 15-Year Customer Service and Support Representative

Farmers Insurance puts the latest technology into its agents' and customers' hands.

In this short video [3:00], you'll see how Farmers empowers service agents to improve customer experience at every interaction.

We now have a Farmers app that we've created with Salesforce that allows either our agent or our customer to actually report a first notice of loss.”

Jeff Dailey, Chief Executive Officer

The collaboration with Salesforce was critical because our redesign of how we look at taking a first notice of loss has really enabled a customer to instantly bring up an icon-based, very simple app to report a loss, creating a product that I think has leapfrogged us with our competitors.”

Keith Daly, Chief Claims Officer

Farmers imagines a world where agents can have visibility into all interactions. So we can have a truly 360-degree view of the customer, how they've interacted with us, and how we can best respond to their needs.”

Amanda Reierson, Head of Digital

A 360-degree view of the customer helps KONE drive growth.

In this short video [2:20], you'll understand how real-time data helps KONE field service agents be more proactive.

Salesforce has been a guiding light showing us what is possible when you platform everything around the customer.”

Henrik Ehrnrooth, President and CEO

With Field Service Lightning, [dispatchers] now have a 360-degree view of that customer.”

Michael Williams, VP, Head of Service Field Solutions Development

With Salesforce, we have clearly strengthened our growth in services. We can serve our customers in an individualized way and do it with a quality, reliability, and transparency that hasn't been seen before in this industry.”

Henrik Ehrnrooth, President and CEO

Eli Lilly delivers specialized and personalized forms of treatment.

In this short video [3:20], you'll see how Eli Lilly evolved from customer-focused to customer-centric service.

Where Salesforce comes in for us is connecting the dots of that experience.”

John Bamforth, Chief Marketing Officer, USA

With Salesforce, we have flexible, reliable, and secure platforms that we can use to really bring this kind of information together.”

Jo Taylor, Chief Customer Officer

We're creating a community, a holistic lens, looking at that customer.”

Rob Brown, Chief Marketing Officer, Global

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