Going for Growth: Success in the Future of Sales

These videos will help you sell to today's virtual buyers.


We may not know what the future holds, but one thing is for sure: sales teams that are ready to shift priorities and processes will close more deals.

Catch up on the latest insights from industry experts McKinsey and Deloitte, and hear from veteran sales leaders at VMWare and Cognizant to prepare for the year ahead. In these videos, you’ll learn how to skill up, scale up, and speed up your entire sales strategy.

Skill up your people.

Remote work is here to stay, but how do you build connections with customers and win deals in the virtual world? Enable your teams with the right training and resources to stay productive and engaged. Videos on this topic include:

  • Solve the Challenge of Sales Team Motivation in the New Year: Xactly and Western Union share how they helped their teams drive innovation, responsiveness, and customer care.
  • New Ways to Run a Best-in-Class Virtual Sales Team: McAfee shares new ways the company connected with its customers, redefined the scope of selling, and developed new methods for managing high-performing sales teams.
  • How Deloitte Is Transforming Its Sales Culture: Deloitte shares its expertise for building a stronger sales culture, reducing sales barriers, and leaning into Salesforce as the backbone of sales management.
  • Tips for Small Business to Prepare for the Future of Selling: Learn how you can use Sales Cloud tools to make your teams more efficient, empower them to sell with confidence, and build a more effective sales process to ensure you’re maximizing potential for future growth.

Scale up your processes.

A well-oiled sales machine isn’t made out of thin air. It comes from a steady focus on optimizing your processes. The following videos will show you how to drive efficiency at your organization:

  • Drive Sales Excellence in Changing Times: Salesforce customers and our own internal teams share best practices for accelerating decision-making, adapting go-to-market strategies, and planning for future change.
  • Scale Growth and ROI with Adobe Sign and Salesforce: Adobe Sign for Salesforce allowed staffing company Kelly Services to digitally transform and streamline volumes of paper-based processes to e-signature abilities across its global organization.
  • Simplify the B2B Sales Contract Processes with DocuSign CLM for Salesforce: The IT service management company Flexential offers learnings on how to streamline complex sales processes within Salesforce with DocuSign CLM.
  • Apply Mathematics to Enterprise Sales to Drive Impact: Explore the sales process from a mathematical point of view and how a few micro-adjustments and marginal gains can result in huge impact.
  • Fast and Easy Salesforce Integration with MuleSoft Composer: In this demo-driven session, you’ll see how to unleash the power of integration with clicks not code in minutes.

Speed up your revenue.

The success of your business hinges on revenue. How do you find new ways to get more of it, faster? The speakers in these videos have some creative ideas:

  • Accelerate Revenue Growth with the New Revenue Cloud: Salesforce customers have transformed the buying experience with Revenue Cloud. See how they launched new revenue models to optimize performance.
  • Speed Up Your Sales with Asynchronous Selling: Hear real-world examples from the founder of Winning By Design on exactly what you and your team can do to control the speed of your sales, while simultaneously facilitating the buying process for your customer.
  • Deliver the Future of CRM today with Salesforce Anywhere: Salesforce Anywhere can deliver the future of CRM today via a modern, flexible, work-from-anywhere interface that helps accelerate sales success in real time.
  • Find Your Omni-Channel Strategy to Open Up New Revenue Streams: Leverage the virtual selling model for deeper engagement, increased sales, and improved sales effectiveness.

These videos were taken during our virtual sales summit held in January 2021.



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