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This season is all about uniting business and IT. Hear how the team at Stanley Black & Decker empowered IT and HR to break silos and create automated workflows together. Watch Simply Put with celebrity host Emmanuel Acho.

Simply put, collaboration drives digital transformation. Stream the new season to see how.


Stanley Black &
Decker | Episode 1

Building a Bridge between HR & IT

See how to create solutions for better collaboration between lines of business in this episode with IT Director, Steve Driggs.

Stanley Black &
Decker | Episode 2

Breaking Down Silos

Learn how to transform siloed business processes into smooth operations in this episode with IT Director, Steven Mascola.

Stanley Black &
Decker | Episode 3

Managing Projects Like a “Flow-natic”

Understand how you can automate and simplify complex processes in this episode with Solution Architect, Laxmi Chawla.

Stanley Black &
Decker | Episode 4

Winning the War for Talent

Discover how you can build innovative apps to upskill employees and unlock the potential of teams in this episode with Chief Talent Officer, Minh Hua.

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