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Hear from C-suite leaders who use their businesses to drive change in the world around them

Make Change is a series about leadership.
Anyone can find a way to lead. All that’s required is a desire to make a difference, and action toward that end. In this series, C-suite executives discuss how they lead, and how they recommend moving forward. From hiring practices to breaking down internal silos, learn ideas for the next era of business.
Leadership is a shared responsibility.
The Make Change series highlights leaders who see their business as a platform for change. We inspire others to take part in the conversation, shift their perspective, and understand how their approach can make change in the world.
When we lift each other up, we Make Change.

Who’s been your biggest ally? Tag someone who’s created space for you and tell us how it changed you.



Guest Speakers
Moj Mahdara
CEO, Beautycon
Aim for the net worth of your dreams.
Brenda Darden Wilkerson
CEO, Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology
Forget looking the part.
Stephanie Buscemi
CMO, Salesforce
It's up to us to lift each other.
Michele Buck
CEO, Hershey’s
Leave your comfort zone.
Karen Walker
CMO, Intel
Pick a risk and run toward it.
Amy Weaver
President & General Counsel, Salesforce
Kindness isn’t weakness.
Jennifer Tejada
CEO, PagerDuty
Humility can still have confidence.
Katie Rodan + Kathy Fields
Co-Founders, Rodan + Fields
Stay fearless.
Gina Brogi
President, Global Distribution, 20th Century Fox
Don’t let mistakes stop you.
Katie Bouazza
Managing Director, HSBC
We need more of us at the table.
Sarah Franklin
EVP & GM, Salesforce
Be the change you want to see.
Christa Quarles
Former CEO
Make your voice heard.

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