Four Salesforce customers share stories of marketing engagement.

Watch how Ticketmaster, Shazam, Eli Lilly, and L'Oreal engage customers with Marketing Cloud.
From personalizing communications to optimizing spend, Ticketmaster, Shazam, Eli Lilly, and L'Oreal use Salesforce to engage customers in new ways.
Ticketmaster takes each fan on a personalized journey.

In this video you'll learn how Ticketmaster creates compelling, personalized experiencess for millions of fans.

  • “Marketing Cloud enables us to give the right communications at the right time to the right fans at scale.” - Bob Ritter, SVP Product Management
  • “Speaking to a father who wants to take his daughter to a concert is very different than if you are talking to a young millennial. The conversation after you purchase a ticket is about giving you helpful guidance on that march up to your event date. Where am I going to park? How am I going to get there?” - Kathryn Frederick, Chief Marketing Officer
  • “We never stop innovating, we never stop thinking about ways to bring better experiences to fans.” - Justin Burleigh, Chief Product Officer
Shazam turns media data into sales magic.

In this video you'll see how Shazam empowers their team to make data-driven decisions.

  • "It gives us the ability to have insight into other parts of the organization and normalize our processes across the entire globe." - Anna Nguyen, Director, Account Management
  • "Our return on investment with Einstein Analytics is over 700%, it's just completely a home run for us." - Greg, Glenday, Chief Revenue Officer
  • "With Einstein Analytics, we're able to to put that trusted source of data into the hands of our advertisers when they need it, at the moments that count, providing a whole new way for our users to connect to the world around them." - Pete Miles, Vice-President, Ad Operations
Eli Lilly delivers personalized customer experiences.

In this video you'll learn how Eli Lilly evolved from a customer focused company to a customer-centric company.

  • "Where Salesforce comes in for us is, connecting the dots of that experience." - John Bamforth, Chief Marketing Officer, USA
  • "We're trying to change that experience within the world of pharma, which is a pretty new endeavor, so that you can develop a personal connection and provide personalized service to an individual that feels cared for." - Mike Meadows, Chief Technology Officer
  • "With Salesforce, we have a flexible, reliable and secure platform that we can use to really bring this kind of information together." Jo Taylor, Chief Customer Officer
L'Oreal creates a cohesive connected customer experience.

In this video you'll understand how L'Oreal leverages technology to seamlessly engage with customers.

  • "We've adopted this test and learn approach to ensure that the things we are doing are truly having an impact and the Salesforce platforms enable us to connect the dots." - Michael Kingston, CIO, L'Oreal Americas
  • "Salesforce allows us to really understand who we're talking to and what's important to them. And so what we're able to do is stitch together all the individual moments of interaction into one cohesive connected customer experience." - Gretchen Saegh-Fleming, CMO L'Oreal USA
  • "And I'm convinced that this rich data will help us to really fulfill all the customer needs and expectations so we can provide them with more personalized solutions and build a long term relationship." - Humberto Hernandez, SVP International Business Development, Kiehl's


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