Football Legend Peyton Manning Shares Trade Secrets to Winning

Learn how to lead a team and build off setbacks from a Hall of Famer.


Triumph is a result of preparation, dedication, and execution, whether you’re hitting your sales targets at the close of the fiscal quarter or hitting a wide receiver downfield at the end of a football game. NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning recently spoke at Salesforce’s Virtual Sales Summit, where he offered his personal advice for staying ahead of the competition and inspiring teammates toward greatness.

Below is a preview of the two-time Super Bowl champion’s lessons from a lifetime spent competing to be the best at everything he does. Watch the video for his full talk.

  • On trusting your instincts: “I called a lot of audibles in my career that did not work. But my coaches and teammates always said don’t second-guess yourself.” (12:45)
  • On overcoming nerves: “Being nervous is good — that means it matters to you. Pressure means you probably haven’t done your homework.” (17:22)
  • On leadership: “The leadership position, you have to earn that mantle of leadership. It’s not handed to you with a title — quarterback, manager, CEO, president.” (23:59)
  • On building resilience: “In some ways, I’m almost glad I had those injuries and went through that adversity because I found that I could be adaptive and flexible.” (29:40)

This video was recorded during our Virtual Sales Summit held in January 2021.



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