Refine Your Inside Sales Strategy with Tips from Our Trailblazers

From customer connections to career growth, set up your inside sales reps for success.


With in-person meetings and trade shows canceled for the foreseeable future, honing your inside sales strategy is more important than ever. To help inside sales managers lead their teams effectively, we asked three Trailblazers to share how they’re navigating this new reality.

Read on for a few highlights and watch the full replay below.


How does an inside sales manager stay connected with team members and customers while apart?

  • Check in early and often: Staying in communication with your teams, customers, and prospects through their preferred channels — whether phone, email, or video chat — allows you to meet their needs. “We’re checking in constantly,” said Gary Enriquez, Global Head of Sales Development at Confluent. “That’s what's going to teach you so much about what prospects and customers are seeking.”
  • Use video conferencing: Seeing someone’s face and body language provides more context than a phone call or email. “It is a different level of trust because you’re literally inviting someone into your home,” said Haley Katsman, Vice President of Growth and Account Development at Highspot.
  • Solicit feedback: Feedback via surveys or conversations can help you understand your team. “[Get] that pulse from your customers, [get] that pulse from your employees on how they’re doing. What would make them feel more comfortable with the return to work?” said Linda Campbell Cook, Senior Vice President of Sales at SurveyMonkey.

Learn more about how these leaders are adapting their teams to remote work, in the video at 7:26.

How has your inside sales strategy changed?

  • Show your human side: Instead of putting on a professional front and ignoring barking dogs or needy children during an important phone call, acknowledge these challenges to create more authentic connections. “I think the teams are adapting to figure out how to bring their own selves to every call, whether it’s turning on the Zoom call and making it a bit more humanistic or realizing some ways to personalize an email or a conversation,” said Enriquez.
  • Focus on metrics: While reps can’t visit a customer’s office and gather clues about how the business is doing, they can still look at data. “We've become a lot more metrics-driven,” Katsman said. “We were absolutely to start, but you just don't have as much of that ability to rely on intuition or anecdotes that you're hearing… You have to be able to analyze the business to understand what's going on.”
  • Recognize top performers: Especially when they can’t enjoy the camaraderie of a team lunch or a celebration for exceeding sales quotas, reps crave recognition for a job well done. “How do you continue to inspire and motivate your people during this time?” said Cook. “We’re having a virtual gong session later this afternoon.” Shout-outs in team meetings or all-company emails can also help teams stay motivated.

Get more tips to grow your reps’ careers alongside your revenue, in the video at 22:23.

What changes do these Trailblazers expect for inside sales in the next normal? Watch the full video above to find out.

Guest Speakers

Leah Muller
Vice President of Sales Development, Salesforce
Gary Enriquez
Global Head of Sales Development, Confluent
Haley Katsman
Vice President of Revenue Strategy, Highspot
Linda Campbell Cook
Senior Vice President of Sales, SurveyMonkey


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