Meet small businesses navigating change.

Hear from small business leaders using tech to keep their businesses moving forward.

From overcoming challenges to adapting to evolving customer needs, small businesses have recently faced a lot of change. Here's a preview of how they are navigating it. Watch their videos for the full story.

Small business leaders are experiencing and navigating change everyday.

In this video series, you'll learn how technology has helped small businesses pivot.

  • "We're about 150 employees, we have a very small technology team, but the tools that are available to us are world class and exceptionally powerful. They're fairly easy to use without hardcore developers on staff." — Stuart Kiely, VP of Digital Strategy, Matouk
  • "For us, having systems like Salesforce to help us manage relationships has been so important to our success. I have no doubt that will continue to be crucial to our business going into the future as well." — Meggie Palmer, CEO and Founder, PepTalkHer
  • "We're starting to have those conversations today that we thought we might have 10 years from now. And the platform, and the ability for folks to work remotely, and the ability to quantify the work that's being done, has made that all possible." — Greg Howell, Founder and President, Flexo Concepts
  • "We use Salesforce to manage all of our interactions with our customers be it online or in store. So when our customer appointments shifted from being in store to virtual, it was as simple as adding a new category. There was no development work, we didn’t lose any insight into our data, and that visibility into our pipeline still existed. We could easily track which customers were now engaging with us virtually." — Sonali Lamba, Co-Founder, Brideside
  • "The combination of using our cases and Quip allowed us to open a more collaborative environment with our clients. And with buildings opening and closing and such limited time to get in and out of facilities to work on projects these days, the ability to communicate and share data, quickly, reliably, and easily was one of the most important things for us to do during this time." — Bernard Morgan, President, ICS+
  • "This time has provided us both a need and an opportunity to get everybody invested in the process of using these tools to collaborate, communicate, and stay on the same page as we’re progressing through a project." — Stephanie Morgan, Vice President, ICS+

Guest Speakers

Meggie Palmer
CEO and Founder, PepTalkHer
George Matouk
CEO, Matouk
Stuart Kiely
VP of Digital Strategy, Matouk
Greg Howell
President, Flexo Concepts
Sonali Lamba
Co-Founder, Brideside
Bernard Morgan
President, ICS+
Stephanie Morgan
Vice President, ICS+

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