Meet Small and Medium Business Leaders in Manufacturing

Hear how Salesforce is helping small and medium manufacturing businesses revamp their business operations.

Small manufacturing businesses face challenges as unique as the goods they produce. Turns out, those who embrace technology are better positioned to tackle whatever comes next. Data from our “Small and Medium Business Trends Report” reflects how SMBs in manufacturing felt COVID-19’s impact across virtually all aspects of their operations, and how they’re investing in technology to prepare for the future.

Hear how Salesforce is helping three manufacturing leaders transform their business operations.

Meet the Manufacturing Leaders


Eric Edelson

CEO at Fireclay Tile

Denise Medved

Chief Growth Officer at Xamax

Greg Howell

President at Flexo Concepts

Give Your Manufacturing Business the Business Software It Deserves

Your small business probably doesn’t manufacture tiles. But you probably can relate to the importance of investing in — and maintaining — the machinery that helps you produce whatever goods make your business go. Fireclay Tile CEO Eric Edelson, who’s grown the company 20x since joining in 2009, said SMBs need to think about business software in the same way: as an incredible tool to help them succeed.

In this video, learn how Fireclay went from trying a customer relationship management (CRM) solution to help organize orders to building a customer-first business on Salesforce.

Products Used

  • Pardot
  • Sales Cloud

Prioritize Your Business Problems and Solve Them One by One

Denise Medved, Chief Growth Officer at Xamax, knows firsthand how quickly an investment in the right technology can pay off for an SMB. Xamax started realizing ROI on its Salesforce adoption in just four months. How? By prioritizing problems that needed solving, enlisting executive sponsors who learned to use the platform, and then tackling issues one by one. Before long, user adoption grew, and problems started getting solved all over the business.

In this video, learn why Medved said Salesforce not only solves a ton of problems, but changes the trajectory of businesses, too.

Products Used

  • Sales Cloud
  • Salesforce Inbox

Prepare for Whatever Comes Next

The COVID-19 pandemic forced a lot of sudden changes on small businesses. One of the biggest was a shift to remote work for many employees. Greg Howell, President of Flexo Concepts, said that while his company has historically adhered to a traditional 9–5 culture, he had full confidence in his team going remote when they needed to. Why? Trust in his employees, and the power of the Salesforce Platform to support an anytime, anywhere work environment.

In this video, learn how Salesforce helped Flexo Concepts tackle its biggest month ever — during a pandemic — and how it’s keeping Flexo prepared for whatever comes next.

Products Used

  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Tableau
  • Pardot
  • Salesforce Maps

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