Revolutionize Travel and Hospitality Experiences with Data and AI

See how you can exceed traveler and guest expectations before, during and after their journeys.


The modern traveler has become more discerning, demanding higher levels of service than ever before. Travel and hospitality providers seek greater efficiency as costs remain high, interest rates rise and a potential recession looms.

Yet exceptional travel experiences continue to be the surest way of impressing customers and guests - and the best route to sustainable growth. Let us discuss steps this industry can take to exceed traveler and guest expectations before, during and after their journeys.

Join us for an exclusive conversation between Jacqueline Nunley, Travel and Hospitality Industry Advisor at Salesforce, and John Clopton, Head of Omnichannel Marketing at IHG Hotel & Resorts. Learn how IHG leverages the Salesforce platform to improve guest experiences, transform hospitality delivery and foster loyalty with greater agility and personalization.


John Clopton 
Head of Omnichannel Marketing, IHG Hotels & Resorts

John is the Head of Omnichannel Marketing at IHG Hotels & Resorts


Jacqueline Nunley
Director, Industry Advisor Travel & Hosptality, Salesforce

Jacqueline is the Travel & Hospitality Industry Adivsory at Salesforce


James Kelsall 
Lead Solution Engineer, Salesforce

James is the Lead Solution Engineer at Salesforce

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