Surpass Customer Expectations in Home Building with AI

See how AI can help streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and improve visibility

Join Salesforce's Engineering and Construction team, along with our special guest, Daniel Keating, Director of Product for Lennar, in exploring how Salesforce's solutions are transforming the home building industry.

During this session, you'll uncover the game-changing potential of AI within home building, gaining invaluable insights into enhancing the customer experience. This includes improving visibility into home details, streamlining closing and setup processes, and centralizing communication.

But that's not all—be sure to catch our live demo, where we'll illustrate how AI streamlines processes and enhances efficiency. This event is a must-watch for anyone in the home building sector, offering a firsthand glimpse of the future of home building powered by AI.

Daniel Keating
Director of Product, Lennar
Daniel Keating is the Director of Product at Lennar
Jim Smith
Regional Vice President, Salesforce
Jim Smith is a Regional Vice President at Salesforce
Jim Cote
Principal Solution Engineer
Jim Cote is a Principal Solution Engineer at Salesforce

Surpass Customer Expectations in Home Building with AI

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