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Move your on-premises CRM system up to the cloud.

Whether you’re looking to move to the cloud gradually, all at once, or just want to get more from your current solutions, the Salesforce platform is built for pain-free integration and migration.

See how the move to Saleforce can help your business.

The Salesforce Advantage

How the world’s #1 enterprise cloud platform can help you today.




Integrating Salesforce and SAP

Integrating with SAP

Extend the business value of your SAP investment.

Making the move from Siebel to Salesforce

Siebel to Salesforce

Making the move from Siebel to Salesforce.

Salesforce and Siebel Integration

Integrating with Siebel

Empower your sales team to boost productivity.


Unlock Your Back Office Series: How Sika Connected Salesforce and SAP


Unlock Your Back Office Series: Connected Selling in a Digital Economy


A Sales Executive's Guide to Making 2015 a Blowout Year


Unlock Your Back Office: Connecting Salesforce and SAP


Citrix Aligns Sales & Marketing with Salesforce & MuleSoft



How To Make Your Road Warriors More Productive

How To Make Your Road Warriors More Productive

See how your mobile workforce can get more wins from anywhere.

Boost Your Sales With Channel Partners

Boost Your Sales With Channel Partners

Learn how Salesforce helps you make your numbers.

Your Complete CRM Handbook

Your Complete CRM Handbook

Everything you need to know to operate a modern CRM.


How a Mobile CRM Makes you More Successful


Deciding Which CRM Solution is Right for You


How a CRM Helps Your Business Grow


The Salesforce Advantage


Reports and White Papers

Gartner Magic Quadrant Report 2014

See how Sales Force Automations (SFA) solutions stack up against one another.

Nucleus: CRM Pays Back $8.71 for Every Dollar Spent

CRM Pays Back $8.71 for Every Dollar Spent.

Read about Nucleus Research’s findings on the high ROI of cloud-based CRM solutions

Gartner: Modernizing CRM

Gartner: Modernizing CRM

Overcoming challenges that IT departments face in taking on a cloud-based CRM solution.


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