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Big names making big changes across their organisations.


Customer Focused Growth With Personalised Digital Engagement

Missing in-person relationships? Learn how WorldFirst has replicated the experience by empowering their people online, bringing growth and measurable value to your organisation.

Engage and Develop Your Employees in a Digital World

How do you attract, engage and retain the best talent in this new, work-from-anywhere world? Hear from talent creator Revolent on their top tips.


Operational Resilience and Excellence

Learn how Unilever International was able to stay agile while on a journey to enhanced customer success.


Customer Expectations? Ever Evolving. Here's How To Adapt

Forward thinking companies like Studio Retail, want to stand out amongst the crowd, and are re-imagining their concept of relationships around the needs of the digital-first customer.


Building a Data and Integration Culture

Every digital transformation is a data transformation. Learn how Rail Delivery Group have unlocked, analysed, and acted on data.



Got a specific problem only your peers will understand? Jump into an industry episode. 


Back On The Fast Track - What's Next For SMEs?

What's the opportunity for Small Businesses in the new, work-from-anywhere world? Learn how to digitise, fast, to take advantage.

Delivering Public Sector Transformation at Speed

How public sector organisations can deploy a digital transformation platform simply and at speed.

How Thames Water is Revolutionising Customer Service

Learn from Director of Operations Tessa Fayers on how Thames Water developed a new way to engage with customers- and see it in action!

Freshfields: The Future Client Experience, Now

Freshfields created a superior, unified client experience by combining CRM insights, events and marketing automation in one place. Find out why this was needed and how.


PCI Increases Speed To Market For Life-Changing Therapies With Salesforce

Learn how PCI is making a global impact, playing a key role in the commercial launch of 50+ new therapies annually and currently supporting 30+ COVID vaccination trials.


Smarter Decisions for High-Tech? The Answer's in Your Data

Know there’s more value to unlock from your business, but don’t know where to start? Tableau makes that information valuable, helping you speed up time-to-market, improve user experiences, and build on your success.


Customer-Centricity for the Insurance Industry

Untangling years of complexity is possible! Here's how to bring the Insurance industry into the future of big data and customer-centricity.


The Future of Media: Becoming a Digital Disrupter

Win the battle for audience attention and drive explosive revenue growth.


Precision Education: An Integrated Approach to an Enhanced Student Experience

How to better integrate analytics, behavioural segmentation and student outcomes to improve the student journey.


A Case of “Data Emergency”: Helping Gavi Deliver Vaccines

In this session, you'll hear how GAVI enlisted Salesforce's help for collaboration to deliver billions of COVID-19 vaccines: in 8 weeks.


High-Value Customer Experiences in Moments That Matter

Manufacturing is transitioning and customers require optimised experiences across channels like dealers, distributors, and digital commerce. 


6 Principles to Maximise CRM Adoption

Getting your team onboard isn't easy, especially in a remote world. Join us to learn how to prepare for success, with specific examples.


What’s New in Product

The world keeps turning, and our cloud teams keep on innovating! Get the scoop on new releases. 


How to Drive Predictable Revenue Performance from Anywhere with Sales Cloud 360

Learn how to measure and manage revenue performance across every channel. Get smart with your pipeline with Sales Cloud.


Service From Anywhere

How the reimagined Service Cloud is accelerating digital transformation and new ways of operating.


Make Every Marketing Moment Smarter

How Salesforce CDP helps you build your own single source of truth, get a complete view of your customer, and action data in a more trusted way.


Build from Anywhere with Salesforce Platform

Learn how to build and use apps that transform your business, fast, and the latest product innovations from Salesforce Platform.


Next Generation Commerce- Beyond the 'Buy' Button

69% of customers now expect seamless, connected experiences across the buying journey. See the demo, and meet them where they are.


How-To with Partners

Like most things, Salesforce is better with friends. Hear insightful sessions from some of our top partners right here.


Scaling Relevance with Coveo and Salesforce

Learn how to leverage AI and create relevant customer experiences with Coveo and customers Xero and Salesforce.


Getting Started with Data-Driven Personalisation

What data do you need for effective personalisation when new channels are continually emerging? Publicis provide solutions to navigate the noise.


How To Kickstart a Successful Transformation Project

Wipro’s practical tips for digital transformation. How to move from vision to reality, get buy-in and create an inclusive environment for change.


Delivering with The Future Customer in Mind

A rise in consumer expectation is driving the need to be more personal. Join Merkle to learn why trust & longevity is key to CX success.


Human Experience & the Digital Workplace

Hear from Deloitte how they make work better for humans. And make humans better at work.


Ask me Anything rooms

Join an interactive Ask Me Anything room focused around customer success and continuing the journey from the Transformation Episodes. This is your time to network with a room of peers, and ask Salesforce Experts your burning questions about managing challenges every industry is facing - from employee engagement, to managing data, to building seamless customer experiences, and more.

As part of this year’s Salesforce Live event, we are offering the chance to win gift certificates for our Salesforce Store! (worth £30 each). Join the Ask Me Anything Rooms on 7th July to find out how to enter the sweepstakes and not miss out on some swag! Check the rules here.


Ask Me Anything! Customer Focused Growth With Personalised Digital Engagement

Featuring Salesforce experts who will deep-dive on the WorldFirst story in the Transformation Episode, sharing market insights and tips on how to grow and strengthen client relationships in the new normal.

Featured Speakers

  • Aine Corcoran, Head of Startups, UK - Salesforce
  • Ryan Joyce, Head of Fintech UK & Ireland - Salesforce
  • Dietrich Stadlmann, Account Executive - Salesforce



Ask Me Anything! Operational Resilience & Excellence

Featuring speakers from Unilever International who will deep dive on their Transformation story and answer your questions on how to pivot at speed.

Featured Speakers:

  • Dany Krivoshey, Head of Analytics & Consumer Experience - Unilever International

Ask Me Anything! Customer Expectations? Ever Evolving. Here’s How To Adapt.

Featuring Studio Retail who will deep dive on their Transformation story. Ask your questions on how to adapt to meet current and future customer expectations on digital engagement. 

Featured Speakers:

  • Craig Elwell, Product Manager Digital Development – Studio Retail
  • Ann-Marie Spencer, Head of Customer Service Change - Studio Retail 

Ask Me Anything! Engage and Develop Your Employees in a Digital World

Featuring Revolent who will deep dive on their Transformation story. Ask your questions on how to engage and develop your talent, with the right technology.

Featured Speakers:

  • Mark Hill, CIO - Tenth Revolution Group
  • Nobin Choudry, Head of Operations - Revolent

Ask Me Anything! Building a Data and Integration Culture

Featuring Rail Delivery Group who will deep dive on their transformation story. Learn how to build a successful data and integration culture in your business.

Featured Speakers:

  • Mark Hemsley, Architecture Practice Lead - Rail Delivery Group
  • Toby Ayre, Head of Data & Analytics - Rail Delivery Group