With Salesforce, I can spend more time with customers instead of searching for information and remembering what process to follow.”

Kari Pekka Yletyinen, Account Manager

Comptel boosts sales performance and customer retention with greater visibility and agility

Comptel, now part of Nokia, has enabled the delivery of digital and communications services to more than 2 billion people. Every day, it cares for more than 20% of all mobile usage data, that means for two billion users around the world. The software company works with 300 telecom service providers in 90-plus countries to help automate, digitalise, and align backend processes and customer-facing services.

In addition to its traditional account management model, Comptel wants to connect more directly with customers at events and via social media. To support this approach, the company first needed to establish an intuitive and global CRM solution. “Our existing solution was awkward to use and data wasn’t always reliable, which meant we spent time and energy double-checking numbers, instead of focusing on sales,” said Kari Pekka Yletyinen, an Account Manager at Comptel.


We selected Salesforce as it is cloud-based and mobile-enabled, which is where we’re taking our own products.”

Carl-Magnus Cedercreutz, Director of Processes and Competences at Comptel

The framework for a consistent sales process

The company turned to Salesforce in 2015. “We selected Salesforce as it is cloud-based and mobile-enabled, which is where we’re taking our own products,” said Carl-Magnus Cedercreutz, Director of Processes and Competences at Comptel. “As a relatively small but global company, we don’t want to use our resources to maintain a CRM system; we want to use them to enrich the customer experience and grow our business.

From Helsinki and Istanbul to Kuala Lumpur and Buenos Aires, the entire sales process is realised in Sales Cloud, including capturing contact information, sales opportunity tracking and managing purchase orders. “Salesforce provides the framework for a consistent sales process and drives the right behaviour,” explained Yletyinen. “Everyone can see what’s going on.” 

Driving better results with greater consistency

Sales teams can see what competitors might be pursuing the same customer opportunity, which means they’re able to have better conversations with prospects. “With Salesforce, I can spend more time with customers instead of searching for information and remembering what process to follow,” said Yletyinen. “This means I can sell more.”

Senior management teams have constant access to these performance metrics and other valuable business insights through the Salesforce dashboards. “We can track current progress against targets and verify how future activities might impact our performance,” explained Cedercreutz. “With better sales forecasting, we can plan smarter and grow faster.” Both sales teams and senior management can access client information and sales performance data while on the move with the Salesforce Mobile App.

A global approach to customer proposals

To enable a global approach, Comptel needs to be able to share sales insights, best practices, and business successes. Chatter helps teams in different geographies collaborate more effectively, and also supports review and approval processes for client proposals and other important documentation. “With Chatter, everyone can comment quickly and easily, which prevents bottlenecks and helps us get customer proposals out faster,” said Cedercreutz.

Accelerating the order-to-cash process

Once a customer is onboard, purchase orders and invoicing are managed via integration between Sales Cloud and Comptel’s finance systems. This means sales teams can continue to track the progress of a customer account, as well as the status of their commission; Comptel is using Salesforce AppExchange solution to keep sales reps updated on their payments, which keeps them motivated and focused. Comptel has also integrated a survey solution from the AppExchange for Net Promoter Score (NPS).

“Making customer feedback visible to sales people will enable them to initiate better follow-up actions,” said Cedercreutz. “We’ve determined a clear relationship between the number of survey requests and quota achievement, proving the power of customer understanding.” With greater visibility and agility, Comptel can continue growing its global business. “With Salesforce, we have the insights we need to not only attract and retain more customers but also enrich their journey with us,” said Cedercreutz.


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