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Salesforce-kund sedan 2017

Whether you’re doing a weekly food shop, changing broadband provider, or managing your finances, you expect to have a seamless, intuitive experience. You expect a relevant, tailored journey – regardless of the sector you’re engaging with.

But when an organisation has more than 20 products across eight major brands, and 2 million customers, and products that are used 98 times per minute – where do you start? How do you meet these new customer expectations?

Well, for Entercard, it begins with a true understanding of the customer. “You need to believe that in every individual customer experience, the little things matter. Because to the customer, those ‘little things’ often mean a lot, said Randi Mårdalen Head of Digital Customer Communication Platforms at Entercard”

“We built a vision to understand how our customers engage with us and how we want them to engage with our products and services,” added Mårdalen. “And Salesforce has been instrumental in helping us achieve that vision. From inspiring us at a strategic level to helping us with hands-on execution, Salesforce has enabled us to get closer to our customers.”

Technology that meets today’s needs – and tomorrow’s demands

Entercard is one of Scandinavia's leading credit market companies, making up around 20% of the market across Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Entercard offers flexible consumer credit through its own brand, re:member, and through its partners. At the heart of its operation is one mission: to make its customers’ everyday lives easier by delivering smart payment and financing solutions.

Entercard started its partnership with Salesforce back in 2017, implementing Service Cloud to support its Customer Operations team.

Before, Entercard’s Customer Operations team was using its own custom-built system. And while it was simple and straightforward to use, it couldn’t meet the increasing need for greater clarity, compliance, and effectiveness.

The team decided to stop trying to improve their legacy system – which was expensive and time-consuming – and went out to tender. But being in the tightly regulated financial services space meant Entercard had tough requirements: the platform would need to be innovative and empowering, while also compliant and highly secure.


We needed technology that would help us now and be fit for the future. And we didn’t want a small upgrade. We wanted to have the Rolls Royce – so Salesforce was a clear choice.”

Randi Mårdalen | Head of Digital Customer Communication Platforms, Entercard

An implementation partner geared for success

Customer Operations is a large and business-critical department for Entercard. So, all the agents – who were using the legacy system daily – would need the upgrade without any disruption. To help ensure a smooth implementation, Entercard enlisted the help of Capgemini.

“Success depended on having a partner who had done this before, who knew the technology, knew our requirements, and knew the correct way to implement at this scale,” said Mårdalen. “And now, we have a strong, strategic partnership with Capgemini supporting us with our Salesforce development.”

The power of connected clouds

“Customer Operations is a fundamental part of our competitive advantage,” said Mårdalen. “With Service Cloud, our agents instantly get a full view of the customer when they call in.”

But it’s not just Service Cloud that helps Entercard stand out. Between 2020 and 2021, the organisation implemented Marketing Cloud. “Marketing Cloud lets us orchestrate our communication across many different channels,” said Mårdalen. “And that makes our customers’ lives easier.”

Now, the power of connected clouds is making a major difference to Entercard.

Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud work as part of a tightly integrated ecosystem. Entercard’s customer data flows through Service Cloud and is then pulled into Marketing Cloud and becomes the basis for customer journeys and highly relevant engagement. Marketing Cloud is also connected to the Entercard apps, to ensure messages reach customers in all digital channels.

“Our roadmap is now a combination of Marketing Cloud and Service Cloud initiatives, and that’s a really powerful strategic move for us,” said Mårdalen.

Meeting a fundamental shift in customer behaviour

Like nearly every organisation in every sector, Entercard is witnessing a fundamental shift in customer expectations and behaviours. Customers no longer compare experiences within verticals – they compare them across the board. And this is putting the pressure on when it comes to building relevant journeys.

“We took a new strategic direction, fuelled by changes in digitalisation and customer behaviour,” explained Mårdalen. “Ultimately, we needed to stop mass marketing and build more individual, personalised engagements.”

But this required a more sophisticated, automated way of building journeys. For Entercard, there’s serious complexity within its customer journeys. The Entercard teams communicate with over one million customers, across eight brands. And these customers have varying levels of marketing consent across different channels. Which means they need to engage the right person in the right primary channel – and be ready to follow up in completely different channels.

“Marketing Cloud has been a tremendous inspiration for building customer journeys,” said Mårdalen. “It was impossible to connect journeys to our legacy system – and now we can build and launch customer journeys in such an effortless way.”

There’s no stopping the Entercard team now. By the end of the Marketing Cloud implementation, they’ll have built over 100 new customer journeys – across different products and across the three markets.

“Active use of data, models and analysis combined with Journey Builder is the heart of customer-centricity,” said Mårdalen. “The marketing teams” can take the campaign goals and map them directly to the customer’s needs.”

Orchestrating more efficient, personalised and timely customer communications

Entercard’s has many popular campaigns and one of them was run on a monthly basis. It has run every month for over a decade, across three markets, choosing relevant customers from the entire Entercard customer base. It involves a project manager for each market, an external creative agency, and stakeholder input within Entercard. Its sheer scale meant three employees worked on it constantly.

But this has all changed. Entercard now uses Marketing Cloud to automate the campaign, writing pre-set rules around identifying eligible customers and sending content if and when a customer is ready.

“Marketing Cloud runs this campaign every day, choosing the right customers to receive it,” explained Mårdalen. “Whether it’s five people or 500, it then sends the information across the right channel, be it direct mail or SMS.”

“Marketing Cloud has helped us do far more, with less,” adds Mårdalen. “We’ve moved from a manual, time-consuming process to one that’s easy for the team. All while letting us get closer to our customers, become more relevant, and hone in on the granular aspects of every journey.”

The power of 360-degree customer understanding

The connected power of Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud will help Entercard take several huge steps towards having a 360-degree view of its customers. Customers are directed down highly relevant, personalised journeys – across any channel, and whether it’s content or speaking to an agent.

“We’ve been talking about it for almost ten years, and it’s so exciting to see it finally happen,” said Mårdalen. “With Salesforce, we will obtain a 360-degree view of our customer, and we will have the ability to evolve and change as our customers do. We’re so close to becoming a true customer-centric business.”


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