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Main Stage

Catch major announcements and gain invaluable insights from special guests, industry experts and Salesforce executives as we invigorate you on your journey to success now.

We're in a new economy. One where proving value, reducing risk and doing more with less is top of mind for businesses across Sweden. And it’s a new day for the Salesforce Customer 360, thanks to powerful innovations that deliver automated, intelligent and 'wow' experiences - helping 98% of customers meet or exceed their ROI goals.

Our journey has just begun. Join Salesforce Country Leaders Inger Lise Eng, Sven Nordquist and keynote Fredrik Reinfeldt together with special guests as they bring the magic to the main stage.

Location: Main Stage - A1


What’s the HOW behind the WOW? Get inspired by Swedish thought leaders and industry experts in our breakout sessions.

11:15 -12:00

Aquiring new customers has become a lot harder and more expensive over time. Retailers are now shifting focus to drive more customer loyalty, engagement and customer lifetime value. However this is now also becoming challenging because customer loyalty is itself under pressure due to the economic squeeze that many customers face. Listen to our customers in a panel, discussing around their take of customer loyalty and what they are doing on the subject.


  • Erik Zetterberg, Creative Director, Singular Society
  • Penelope Shaw, Former Global Loyalty Manager IKEA Group
  • Aki Yrjölä, Senior Manager, Digital Ecosystem & CX, Fazer
  • Johanna Mann, Host, Salesforce
  • Kajsa Skinnarmo, Host, Salesforce

Topic/Industry: Retail and Consumer Goods

Location: Breakout Room A1 (Main Stage)


Learn how Toyota's mobility brand KINTO Mobility Sweden accelerate Toyota's transformation from a motor company to a mobility service company and how it has been made possible by a data-driven and connected platform. Join us to hear how a global vision and innovation is enabled by Axenon and the Salesforce platform.


  • Johan Lundblad, Head of Nordics and Baltics, KINTO Sweden
  • Olof Holmgren, Deputy General Manager, KINTO Sweden
  • Viktor Sundin, COO & Senior Solution Expert, Axenon

Topic/Industry: Digital Transformation/General Business/Automotive

Location: Breakout Room A2


Banks are continuously increasing their focus on improving the customer experience in a digital disruption. When 90 % of interactions are digital, how do you ensure a personal and relevant relationship with your customers? Furthermore, provided the global turmoil, economic downturn and uncertain times, how can you do more with less resources?

Listen to this fireside chat with Cyril-Laurent Cymbler, AVP Industry Go To Market at Salesforce and Rob Klomps, former CIO/COO at Rabobank, covering trends and top priorities across Europe within the Financial Service Industry, visualized with customer success stories.


  • Rob Klomps, VP Strategic Customer Executive, Salesforce
  • Cyril-Laurent Cymbler, AVP Industry Go To Market, Salesforce

Topic/Industry: Financial Services

Location: Breakout Room A4


Trends and top priorities in Manufacturing, Sandvik SRP presenting their sales and service transformation journey to create customer value over the lifecycle.


  • Pär Stigmer, VP, Head of Strategy, Business Development & IT, Sandvik
  • Kajsa Folkesson, Host, Salesforce
  • Henrik Cullgren, Host, Salesforce

Topic/Industry: Digital Transformation/Manufacturing

Location: Breakout Room C1


Join the main event for commerce pros and learn how to maximize revenue now and get value fast, from discovery to delivery, on the platform trusted by industry-leading brands.


  • Andreas Boerner, Manager D2C, Husqvarna
  • Katarina Herbert, Solution Engineer, Salesforce
  • Marc-Lucas Pettersson, Host, Salesforce

Topic/Industry: Commerce

Location: Breakout Room C3


Consumers are subscribing to a myriad of services to keep them entertained and informed 24/7, and it is harder than ever for Media companies to keep them engaged. Experience grows as important as the product or service itself, and customers increasingly expect Media companies to understand their needs and interests. Therefore, frontrunners invest into personalising each touchpoint.

Join us to:

- Discuss how to efficiently manage the full subscriber journey from attraction to service to retention

- Listen how Schibsted is enabling personalised customer experiences with the help of the Salesforce 360 platform

- Hear what the latest innovations are in our growing portfolio of modular solutions for Media


  • Fredrik Schjold, Director Consumer Business Technology, Schibsted
  • Anders Landgraff Nilsen, Head of CRM Consumer Business Technology, Schibsted
  • Markus Schäfer, Industry Solutions & Strategy Director, Salesforce
  • Alper Celik, Host, Salesforce 

Topic/Industry: Media

Location: Breakout Room C4

Ta tillfället i akt att lyssna på och lära av våra framtidsorienterade ledare som delar med sig av sina tankar i två superrelevanta panelsamtal. Vi kommer att få ta del utav och en djupare förståelse för de utmaningar Sverige möter när det kommer till att förebygga våldsbejakande extremism och hur samarbetet mellan myndigheten och kommunerna kan bli ännu mer effektivt med olika digitala initiativ. Dessutom kommer vi också att höra från Vaasa Stad och hur de med hjälp av Xceed och Salesforce initierat ett förändringsarbete mot ett mer medborgarcentrerat förhållningssätt.


  • Jonas Trolle, Chef på Center mot våldsbejakande extremism (CVE)
  • Vesa Mustonen, CIO Vaasa Stad
  • Fredrik Kangas, Co-Founder & CEO, Xceed
  • Mattias Fahlén, Regional Sales Director Public Sector, Salesforce

Ämne: Offentlig Sektor

Plats: Breakout rum 25

Join this small group discussion on technical debt and the common traits of a messy Salesforce org implementation. We learn best practices (and bad practices) from each other, you and your peers get the chance to have a conversation and we can share more about how to start untangle your org using proven tools and methods.

This event format is a roundtable where you expects to both listen and have meaningful conversations with peers from other Salesforce customers.

We have a limit of 15 individuals.


Mattias Sjövall, Customer Success at Salesforce
Matthew Evans, Success Architecture at Salesforce

 Breakout Room 21

12:00 - 12:45

Regardless of which transformational stage your organisation is in, the organisational set up needs to be constantly challenged and possibly changed. What roles and responsibilities do we see in high performing Marketing teams? Does in-house or agency managed operations or even hybrid organisations differ in terms of performance? What is the KPI and measures used? Knowing what it takes to be an effective marketing technologist is the first step to building a highly productive team.

This discussion will include B2C and B2B examples with a focus on team characteristics rather than the technology they run. This will be a roundtable where you expects to both listen and have meaningful conversations with peers from other Salesforce customers.

We have a limit of 15 individuals. Lunch will be served.


Camilla Bolin, Senior Principle Customer Success Manager at Salesforce
Martin Hennig Morrissette, Customer Success at Salesforce
Niklas Antvik, Principal Solution Engineer at Salesforce

Marketing and Digital Transformation
Location: Breakout Room 21

How can you address the "How to implement and use Automation in a Salesforce implementation?" What are the use cases and what are the tools to use. In this round-table we can all share our limited or extended experience of this topic. What have other customers tried and what results achieved.

This event format is a roundtable where you expects to both listen and have meaningful conversations with peers from other Salesforce customers.

We have a limit of 15 individuals. Lunch will be served.


Mattias Sjövall, Customer Success at Salesforce
Johan Neidenmark, Cloud Architect at Salesforce

 Breakout Room 23


13:15 - 14:00

What channels drive conversion? What channels influence customer loyalty - and how many channels do you need to use? Join us as Salesforce share insights on the latest trends in marketing and then join the conversation on how you can drive CX with & Oriflame.


  • Alec Havéus, Campaign & CRM Marketing Director, Boozt Group
  • Ilija Paskoski, Director Global Commercial Technologies Integration, Oriflame
  • Niklas Antvik, Principal Solution Engineer, Salesforce
  • Lucas Fernström, Regional Sales Director, Salesforce

Topic/Industry: Marketing B2C

Location: Breakout Room A1 (Main stage)

Come and see how Sales Cloud - a single, intelligent platform - powers efficient sales growth and increases productivity by 29%. Learn how Svea Solar, a sustainable energy leader and one of the fastest growing companies in Europe, turns sales insights into efficiency, productivity, to a competitive advantage for their business using Sales Cloud+CPQ.


  • Jonny Karlsson, Global Head of CRM, SVEA Solar
  • Marcus Klintstam, Solution Engineer, Salesforce
  • Martin Norberg, Regional Sales Director, Salesforce

Topic/Industry: Sales

Location: Breakout Room A2


It’s a new world for customer service. Economic uncertainty is pushing service teams across every industry to reduce costs and do more with less. Meanwhile, customer expectations are changing as fast as the technology around us. Join the Salesforce team with Ericsson and SAS to learn how to use Salesforce for Service to become more efficient with time, money, and resources whilst delivering service customers love.


  • Petra Andersson, Customer Support Strategy Manager, Ericsson
  • Anna Mossberg, Digital Transformation Leader, SAS
  • Kanogo Njuru, Solution Engineer, Salesforce
  • Steven Kimber, Host, Salesforce

Topic/Industry: Service

Location: Breakout Room A4

The economic landscape has changed, priorities have shifted. Hear first-hand from our customers how tech helps them drive productive behaviour to grow their business more efficiently.


  • Elis Olsson, Head of Business Operations, Scrive
  • Frederik Lindgren, Process Manager, Kivra
  • Johan Bengtsson, CEO, Wedsly
  • Robert Furlong, Host, Salesforce 

Topic/Industry: Scale-ups and high growth companies

Location: Breakout Room C1

Well-Architected is Salesforce’s approach to architecture and shows what health looks like and where to spend time for roadmapping and designing solutions with the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform. Healthy Automation enables users to focus on high-value work and reduces time spent on repetitive, manual tasks or complex data entry. In this session not only will there be the point of view from our senior Salesforce architects but also a real life example from Tetra Pak that have been using Salesforce to transform way of working and automate processes.


  • Björn Persson, Product Owner, Tetra Pak
  • Matthew Evans, Director Success Architecture, Salesforce
  • Fredrik Lindmark, Solution Architect, Salesforce

Topic/Industry: Salesforce architects/Automation/Customer 360

Location: Breakout Room C3

Catharina Belfrage Sahlstrand shares her journey, with personal development based on interest and personal engagement. How Handelsbanken has worked with its organization goals and customers to drive sustainability. Handelsbanken is one of the top 100 most sustainable organizations (Corporate Knights). We also touch on how you as an individual can act/be more sustainable.


  • Catharina Belfrage Sahlstrand, Group Head of Sustainability, Handelsbanken
  • Cecilia Wiman, Host, Salesforce

Topic/Industry: Sustainability/Financial Services

Location: Breakout Room C4

Together with seasoned CFO Sara Heiner Asplud we discuss the Why and How to invest in Salesforce. Including key elements of building the case, creating common understanding in the organisation and clarify benefits.


  • Sara Heiner Asplund, seasoned board member and CFO with background from Plantagen and Svea Solar.
  • Fredrik Bauer, Strategic Advisor, Salesforce
  • David Rådberg, Senior RVP, Salesforce

Topic/Industry: Executive Business Strategy

Location: Breakout Room 25

Join Salesforce Women’s Network at World Tour Essentials Stockholm for an inspirational session on how the Salesforce Ecosystem can be DigitALL and promote technology and innovation from a Gender Equality perspective. We will hear from four successful companies on initiatives and ideas of how the Salesforce Ecosystem can be leveraged in driving a gender equal culture and workforce.


  • Sahana Jayashankar, Head of Commercial Operations, Kognity
  • Alex Tsarapatsanis, Head of IT and CISO, Voi
  • Charlotte Magne, Managing Director, Releye
  • Christian Conradsen, Country Leader A&C Sweden, Salesforce

Topic/Industry: Equality/Ecosystem

Location: Breakout Room27

14:30 - 15:15

Slack helps organizations bridge the gap to an automated and AI-driven world, and fulfill their potential as customer companies, operating with efficiency and agility. Discover how our features and capabilities make Slack the #1 productivity platform, and hear from our customers on how Slack enables them to customize for their specific business needs.


  • Martin Jönsson, Head of Editorial Development, Bonnier
  • Helena Lundberg, Regional Vice President Sales, Slack

Topic/Industry: Way of Working/Productivity/General Business

Location: Breakout Room A1 (Main Stage)

Get introduced to "The Salesforce Way" - the framework which enables our customers to accelerate speed to value and long-term success with Salesforce. Join a fireside chat with Handelsbanken, Nordnet, and Randstad who will reveal the key challenges they faced during their Digital Transformation journey and how some of these are directly related to the 5 elements of "The Salesforce Way".


  • Rasmus Järborg, Chief Product Officer & Deputy CEO, Nordnet
  • Antti Heinonen, Head of Customer Processes & CRM, Handelsbanken
  • Jacinta van den Heuvel, Head of Client Delivery Platforms, Randstad 
  • Henrik Wästlund, Director Customer Success, Salesforce
  • Jenni Meller, Engagement Delivery Senior Director, Salesforce
  • Johan Söng, Technical Architect Director, Salesforce 

Topic/Industry: Digital Transformation

Location: Breakout Room A2


Establishing a connection with the consumer is critical for building strong relationships and driving revenue growth. In this presentation, we will explore the power of personalized consumer experiences. We will discuss how businesses can use data, technology, and targeting to create highly relevant and engaging experiences that resonate with their customers and build loyalty.


  • Aki Yrjölä, Senior Manager, Digital Ecosystem & CX, Fazer
  • Lidija Ilic, Chief Marketing Officer, Fluido

Topic/Industry: Retail/Consumer Goods

Location: Breakout Room A4

Moments have always been important for marketeers, both in a B2B & B2C context. Learn how you can automate personalised moments at scale with Marketing Cloud - and get inspired by our customers Volvo Trucks, Billogram & Sinch #momentsthatmatter


  • Martina Steen, Director Digital Marketing Strategy and Development, Volvo Trucks
  • Frida Gustafsson, Marketing Automation Manager, Billogram
  • Phillip Ludgate, Vice President Marketing Operations & CRM, Sinch
  • Gustav Cajander, Senior Solution Engineer, SalesforceTopic/Industry: Marketing B2B
  • James Fain, Host, Salesforce

Topic/Industry: B2B Marketing

Location: Breakout Room C1

In a changing world, you must act fast and make tough daily decisions. Learn how to read your customers’ minds by connecting the dots between all your data with Tableau and CRM Analytics.


  • Mark Pace, Head of Data & Analytics, LeoVegas
  • Jimmy Elfving, B2B transformation Manager, Tele2
  • Lena Terhani, Head of CRM Bonnier News Sales
  • Micael Jonsson, Solution Engineer, Salesforce
  • Kristofer Alm, Host, Salesforce

Topic/Industry: Analytics, IT

Room: C3

Unlock data from any system, integrate, and automate - learn to develop connected digital experiences with a delivery approach that helps you manage complexity today, so you can move faster tomorrow.


Vincent Moatti, Salesforce Product Specialist, Volvo Construction Equipment
Rickard Jacobsson, IT Integrations Manager, GANT
Dennis Trabandt, System Owner, Foxway

Topic/Industry: Mulesoft/Integration

Location: Breakout Room C4

En breakout-session fokuserad på vilken impact som kan skapas genom att engagera människor med hjälp av Salesforce flexibla och mångsidiga plattform för ideell sektor. Lyssna på Ericastiftelsen, Mentor och Min Stora Dag om hur de engagerar givare, mentorer & adepter och gör skillnad för barn och unga.


  • Lovisa Sandberg, Insamlings- och kommunikationsansvarig, Ericastiftelsen
  • Simon Bender, Produktutvecklare, Min Stora Dag
  • Pedro Fuentes, Biträdande verksamhetschef, Mentor
  • Firas Al Saati, Digital produktägare, Mentor
  • Ida Franzén Leibnitz, Host, Salesforce

Ämne: Ideell sektor

Plats: Breakout rum 25


Time to connect with peers, colleagues and friends as we celebrate the end of World Tour Essentials Stockholm and take the time to reflect together on all that we have learnt.



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