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Coca-Cola Transforms HR
Service Delivery: Happy Employees
and Reduced Costs



The Key Pillars for Delivering Effortless Customer Service, Featuring CEB

CEB’s new book, The Effortless Experience, uses over five years of research, customer data from tens of thousands of respondents, and interviews with hundreds of companies to reveal that most customers want one thing more than anything else when it comes to their service experience: they want it to be effortless.


Social Business Transforms the Customer Experience

Learn how Acumen Solutions helped Veyance Technologies transform the customer experience with the implementation of Service Cloud and Chatter.


Decrease Customer Complaints: Service Cloud Drives Loyalty at SunTrust Bank

Consumers are now in the driver’s seat, and switching to another brand is easier than waiting on hold. Banks need to have their finger on the pulse of their customers’ needs and have the agility to react to complaints.


Make Customer Support a Competitive Advantage: Service Cloud Creates Visibility

Companies today need visibility across sales, support, and product teams to stay agile and resolve issues quickly.


Using the Internet of Things to Deliver Effortless Customer Service

Today’s customers expect effortless customer service every time they engage with your organization. How will your organization adapt and keep up these customer expectations? What types of technology are required to meet and exceed these expectations? Watch the webinar to learn more.


Uncover Your Hidden Knowledge Network to Drive Customer Engagement

Join Service Cloud and customer Rosetta Stone to understand how Salesforce Knowledge can transform the way you deliver customer service.


Counsyl Optimizes Patient Experience with Service Cloud

Service Cloud allows you to have visibility into business data and make important connections between sales and client services. Counsyl leverages Service Cloud to optimize the patient experience.


EMC Powers Shared Services on Service Cloud

Organizations face pressure to drive efficiency for consumers. Learn how EMC powers improved customer experience by replacing web forms with a self-service community.


10 Steps for Siebel Retirement Success, Featuring Intuit

Drive results and ROI with the right customer service platform that's built for agility and speed. Transition from Siebel to Salesforce in 10 effective steps.


Mastering Omni-Channel Customer Service: ALDO+Frost & Sullivan

Learn how to deliver effortless customer experience between channels in real time, and route the cases to the right agents using Omni-Channel for Service Cloud.


Self Service & Customer Collaboration: Navis Wins with the Salesforce Platform

Navis combines Community Cloud and Service Cloud to transform its business for a more unified experience for their customers.


Janssen of Johnson & Johnson Puts the Customer Back into Customer Service

Janssen Pharmaceuticals successfully manages medical information using Service Cloud Knowledge.


How AOL Deployed Knowledge to Boost Agent Productivity

Discover how AOL uses Knowledge strategy for 1,500 agents, which reduced costs and improved agent productivity in a short period of time.


4 Self-Service Insights to Reduce Costs & Customer Effort

Customers value self-service. Get insight on how to guide customers in online interactions to reduce customer effort and costs.


The Future of Customer Service: Aligning Customer Engagement Centers

Deliver a more personalized world-class service to customers, and empower service teams with the right data through customer engagement.


Beyond the Portal: MedAssets Drives Self-Service Support with Communities

Check out how MedAssets uses Community Cloud as a tool to increase customer satisfaction for greater engagement and faster problem-solving.


Service Cloud + Marketing Cloud: Great Service Begins & Ends with Great Marketing

Learn how to engage millions of consumers and transform the customer experience with the new Social Customer Service.


ShotSpotter Delivers Winning Support for Law Enforcement with Service Cloud

Deliver support at the right time. ShotSpotter transformed their performance with automated case escalation and enhanced visibility.


eWay Delivers World-Class Customer Service with Community Cloud

Customers can easily find information, which cuts support cases and reduces agent response times.


Esteban Kolsky Talks to Developments Changing Customer Service

Predictive service and intelligence provides an effortless customer experience.


2015 State of Service

Proactive Service is on the rise, fueled by smart technology. Learn four secret trends to customer service success.


How Alex and Ani Provides Exceptional Social Customer Care

Provide service across all socia media platforms in your business.


Discover Service Cloud Lightning

Get real-time customer service information and make data-driven decisions from anywhere. Learn more about Service Cloud Lightning now.


Field Service — Salesforce FY17 Kickoff

Get a sneak peek into Field Service Lightning and how to bring a 360-degree view of the customer from the phone to the field.


See what Service on Salesforce is like with a free trial.

The best way to see how Salesforce is revolutionizing customer service is with a free Service Cloud trial. With a free trial, you can join the conversation with our Success Community and learn from other users how it can help your business thrive.


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