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"The nice thing about Premier online training is that you can do it in large or small blocks, whatever fits your schedule. If there is a particular aspect that you really want to pay attention to, you can review that module over and over again until you get it. So it’s very time efficient to use the online training if you’re a busy person."

–Bonny Hinners, Salesforce certified developer and consultant


Customer Profile: Bonny Hinners

Bonny Hinners, a Salesforce certified developer, administrator, and consultant, helps nonprofit organizations implement and customize Salesforce to meet the goals of their organizations. She also leads the Bay Area Salesforce Nonprofit User Group, providing knowledge, advocacy, and support. In 2013 Hinners was selected as a Salesforce MVP in recognition of her leadership in the Salesforce community.

Hinners recently took advantage of Premier Success online training to complete several Salesforce certifications within a very short timeframe. “With nine years of experience, I felt I knew the product well, but I had put off getting my certifications because I just didn’t have time in my busy schedule,” said Hinners. “With the Premier Success online training, I could jump to the areas of training that I had the least experience with and I was able to earn five certifications in five weeks.”

Premier Success customer support helps Hinners and her nonprofit clients maximize productivity and meet tight deadlines. Her clients often roll out deployments and changes on the weekend when they have fewer users online, and they depend on 24/7 support to work through any glitches that occur and ensure 100% availability before Monday morning when apps are rolled out to users.


  • Access customer support during evenings and weekends to accommodate tight deployment deadlines
  • Conduct training within a busy, sometimes unpredictable, schedule
  • Ensure that code for custom apps is optimized to provide the best solution for clients


  • Premier Success provides flexible online training, 24/7 customer support, and developer support which enables Hinners to grow her consulting business and advocate for her clients in the Salesforce nonprofit community.


  • Gained Salesforce certification quickly with the help of flexible online training
  • 24/7 support enables nonprofit clients to meet tight deployment deadlines
  • Optimized custom applications with best practice advice and code reviews from developer support

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