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“Premier+ Success gave Intrax the organizational confidence to move from our decade-old infrastructure to the cloud. It provided access to resources and expertise that enabled us to achieve that strategic objective in a remarkably short period of just 18 months.”

–Dale Lampson, Director Product Management / Information Systems, Intrax


Customer Profile: Intrax

With operations in more than 100 countries, Intrax offers diverse educational and cultural programs, including high school exchange, international au pairs, language classes, leadership programs, and work and internship placements. Premier+ Success enables Intrax to train its diverse, global staff wherever they are located around the world with customized, self-guided courses that eliminate the travel time and expense associated with classroom training. In addition, Premier+ Success provides 24/7 support to keep staff productive wherever they are in the world. This is especially valuable to Intrax since its staff is frequently traveling in developing countries where communication can be challenging.

Premier+ Success provides supplemental support in collaboration with Intrax’s internal technical experts, ensuring quick escalation and resolution of support cases when needed. As a result, the company has more time to focus on its business. Intrax also takes advantage of Premier Success Developer Support to gain tips, guidance, and code outlines, which help its developers to accelerate project delivery and avoid spending days trying to solve deep technical issues on their own.

“We use Premier+ Success to get an edge in our agile development environments and to help our team respond more proactively to customers,” says Dale Lampson, Director Product Management / Information Systems at Intrax. “It helps us keep our projects on schedule and avoid getting stuck when working in areas within the Salesforce platform that are new to our team.


  • Maximize productivity of a highly diverse and globally dispersed team
  • Streamline development and delivery of custom applications to support the business
  • Improve efficiency and responsiveness in serving customers around the world


  • Premier+ Success provides Intrax with customized online training, customer support, and technical guidance to drive innovation, boost staff productivity and effectiveness, and improve responsiveness to customers.


  • Reduced the time and cost of training a diverse, globally dispersed team
  • Increased staff productivity with responsive 24/7 support and collaboration
  • Accelerated project delivery with personalized technical guidance and development resources
  • Freed more time for the company to focus on its business instead of technology

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