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"Premier+ and the developer support team saved me 10 hours just yesterday. Even in research and development, they save us weeks’ worth of work."

–Alex Correa, Salesforce Administrator, Shutterstock, Inc.


Customer Profile: Shutterstock

Shutterstock, Inc., a leading provider of digital imagery to businesses, marketing agencies, and media organizations around the world, uses Sales Cloud and Service Cloud to manage and support its customer accounts. The company relies on Premier+ Success to assist with administration and development, and increase the productivity and strategic focus of its sole Salesforce Administrator, Alex Correa. For instance, Correa delegates dozens of reporting requests each week to Premier+ Success administrative services, saving more than 20% of his time.

"Premier+ helped with creation of custom fields, new record types, and created over 40 workflow rules and 15 validation rules," says Correa. "They helped launch a whole new section of Salesforce for our PR team that consisted of new record types, 30 custom fields, new profiles, new roles, and they helped create the reports and dashboards within our sandbox environment. I was able to review the work and build the change set, saving me around two weeks worth of testing and work."

Premier+ Success developer support has helped streamline everything from R&D to code debugging, providing significant time and cost savings. "Premier+ and the developer support team saved me 10 hours just yesterday. Even in research and development, the Salesforce support team has saved us weeks' worth of work," says Correa. "The cost savings from having this consistent expert resource augmenting my efforts are tremendous."


  • Increase sales by creating dashboards for tracking pipelines and total sales, as well as identifying new opportunities
  • Improve Salesforce administration productivity
  • Solve critical issues for Salesforce users with speed and efficiency


  • Premier+ Cloud Services and support increase productivity of the sole Salesforce Administrator, allowing time to focus on business-critical issues and strategic initiatives that directly increase sales.


  • Support 155 Sales Cloud and Service Cloud users with a staff of one
  • Reduced IT costs
  • Save 20% of time weekly on reporting requests
  • Reduced time requirements for application coding and R&D
  • Utilize best practices to help drive Salesforce business value

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Countries: Global
Industry: Business Services, Digital Imagery
Solution: Salesforce Premier+ Success; Sales Cloud; Service Cloud
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