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The Signature Success Plan helps you get the most value from Salesforce with insights and recommendations from your Customer Success Score, the deepest level of partnership, and the fastest support, provided by our Salesforce-certified experts.*
*Includes all features of the Premier Success Plan.

Run at peak performance, every day.

Collaborate with your Customer Success Manager (CSM) to make sure your solution is trusted, easy, and adaptable.

Experience proactive, personalized expertise.

The right insights at the right time can make all the difference. Partner with our top experts and use innovative tools like the Customer Success Score and Proactive Monitoring to stay agile.

Customer Success Manager

Collaborate with your designated Customer Success Manager, your single point of contact and advocate who delivers proactive expertise and personalized recommendations, tailored to your business.

Personalized trends and insights

Improve your Salesforce success with insights and recommendations to increase product adoption, customer expertise, and technical health, powered by your Customer Success Score.

Proactive Monitoring and
Specialized Architect Reviews

Prevent potential risks with 24/7 Proactive Monitoring, including alerts on performance, errors, and limits. Uncover opportunities and resolve design challenges with Salesforce architects.

The fastest support and
Key Event Management

Get the fastest support response time (15 minutes) from skilled experts for business-stopping cases. Plan your major events with confidence, so you can run at full speed on your most important days of the year.

From start to scale, your success is our commitment.


Elevate your strategy

Partner with your designated Customer Success Manager to design an ongoing business strategy with personalized guidance and insights from your Customer Success Score.

Accelerate business results

Grow product and license usage and ensure your team uses Salesforce effectively with personalized onboarding workshops, adoption guidance, training, and industry best practices.

Optimize for growth

Build trusted, easy, and adaptable solutions with Specialized Architect Reviews, 24/7 Proactive Monitoring, and Technical Health Reviews, so you can focus on sustainable growth.

Mitigate risk, fast

Minimize disruptions with the fastest response time from our most skilled technical support specialists, and speed up development with robust developer code reviews.

“Proactive Monitoring finds issues before they impact the customer — and that’s the main goal.””

Ram Eragamreddy, Director of Engineering, Autodesk


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