What Is AppExchange?

As your guide to all things AppExchange, Appy is here to help you navigate the AppExchange ecosystem to solve your business challenges.




Let Appy guide you to her awesome collection of delicious appetizers, entrees, and desserts, submitted by Salesforce customers. You’ll find them, along with a bunch of customers' favorite apps, in our first-ever AppExchange cookbook, “Cooking with Appy.”


Check out the AppExchange magazine, The Exchange, to find inspiration and new ways to take your business further than ever before.


Here are five AppExchange apps that can help you break the mold and do things differently, with descriptions of the app alongside how they help you stand out among your competitors.




In this e-book, discover how to extend the power of your customer service team with AppExchange apps.


Learn how AppExchange partners innovate via interviews with Salesforce MVPs, customers recognized for their contributions to the Salesforce community.


In this e-book, discover how to extend the power of marketing with AppExchange apps.




Salesforce's Andrew Gothelf visited Renovo Financial in Chicago to speak with Renovo CEO Kevin Werner, EVP of Operations Remi Gangarossa, and Finance Associate Josh Perrye to learn how OwnBackup delivers peace of mind and protects Renovo's valuable Salesforce data. 


This short video gives you an introduction to AppExchange, including an overview of what you'll find on AppExchange and how you can use it to make your business more efficient. 


Salesforce MVP Geraldine Gray interviews MapAnything CMO Brian Bachofner about MapAnything's Location of Things technology, geared to maximize productivity across your company, and its Pledge 1% initiative.




Be a part of this app- and audience participation-filled webinar to see AppExchange app stacks created by customers and learn about the latest apps in 60 seconds. Ready? Set? Stack!


Experience great three-minute app demos and vote on your favorite one! Who will win this epic battle of the demos? Watch and see.

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