Marketers, match customers with the perfect product: yours.

With Salesforce, we're offering more personalized services to build loyalty and build relationship with our customers.”


Make every customer interaction a reason to love your brand.


Put your customer at the center of every interaction.

Collect and manage first-, second-, and third-party data, and reconcile data from known and unknown individuals. Connect data sources across devices and channels, creating a single data profile of each customer — sharable across business units.

Build your marketing strategy around the entire customer journey.

Engage across marketing, sales, commerce, and service touchpoints to connect with customers at the right time with the right message. Track and analyze the results to optimize every experience across the entire customer lifecycle.

Automate engagement with each customer.

Build connected journeys that act and react based on your customer's actions in the moment. Use AI to plan and optimize every interaction, and build new segments based on cross-channel data.

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If you’re building an email marketing program from scratch or just looking for some new tricks, we’ve got 50 useful tactics for you.

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Growth in the average number of marketer's data sources since 2017*



Growth rate in marketer’s adoption of AI since 2017*



Marketers who engage customers in real time across one or more channels*

* Source: Salesforce Research “State of Marketing” report, fifth edition.

See how Salesforce helps marketers drive more business with connected experiences.

The world’s most innovative brands trust us to create personalized customer journeys across sales, service, and marketing.

Build a connected experience.

Salesforce is the foundation from sales, to community, to service, to marketing.”


Be engaging at any scale.

Salesforce lets us take that connection we have in a brick-and-mortar store and apply it to the digital world. And that's just magic.”

Kimberly Ruthenbeck, Room & Board

Personalize customer journeys.

Ticketmaster is the gateway to amazing experiences that create memories. And Salesforce helps us deliver the right event to the right fan at the right moment.”

Kat Frederick, CMO, Ticketmaster

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