Sales isn't just about the sales department anymore. That's why you need a platform that connects sales to service, marketing, and beyond — so you can find selling opportunities throughout your business, from lead, to customer, to advocate. Salesforce helps by delivering a lightning-fast user experience with a layer of artificial intelligence to help everyone be more productive from anywhere.

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Close deals faster and drive more revenue with Salesforce automation and analytics.


Combine strong marketing automation with sales pipeline intelligence to win the race for high-quality leads.


Maximize the time your reps spend selling with productivity and collaboration tools that work anywhere, on any device.


Put your customer at the center of everything with a comprehensive, customizable view of customers across sales, service, and marketing.



more likely to view sales as the responsibility of the entire organization*



more likely to use a single view of the customer to sell more*



more likely to be heavy tech adopters*

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* Salesforce Research "State of Sales" report.