Learn how Salesforce CRM can help any industry work from anywhere.



    Be the bank your customers love.


    Activate customer relationships.

    • Source, prioritize, and act on referrals directly from customers and lines of business.
    • Track, visualize, and contextualize key customer data on a single screen.
    • Drive the right activities in-branch and in the field with intelligent, actionable insights.

    Streamline digital lending.

    • Enhance loan officer productivity, generate pipeline, and improve lead conversion.
    • Reduce loan cycle times and provide self-service across any channel.
    • Scale business at speed: Grow talent and production while decreasing IT costs.

    Elevate digital experiences.

    • Connect digital channels to a CRM hub for 360-degree customer views across branches, online, and mobile.
    • Transform generic transactions into personalized 1-to-1 experiences, with real-time service and advice.
    • Get API-enabled connections to your CRM to rapidly transform and customize your digital banking services.


    Be the provider that customers can't live without.


    Unify the Prospect Journey.

    • Create seamless conversations with prospects across every channel
    • Use intelligence to prioritize leads and next best actions to keep prospects engaged
    • Maximize ROI by optimizing for the tactics that convert insights into action

    Deliver Intelligent Customer Service.

    • Enable proactive communication with subscribers triggered by integrated network, device, and billing data
    • Drive service agent efficiency with AI-fueled next best actions to take
    • Increase customer satisfaction with effective self-service

    Consumer Goods

    Deliver intelligent, personalized experiences that boost engagement.


    Integrate the Route to Market

    • Unlock collaboration and alignment between brands and channel partners.
    • Optimize retail execution when you put data in the hands of every rep in the field.
    • Drive business growth and retailer satisfaction with digital commerce and always on service.

    Connect the Consumer Experience

    • Make interactions more valuable with comprehensive views of every customer.

    • Seamlessly connect all the right information across front-end and back-end offices.

    • Deliver hyper-relevant messaging and empowered consumer support at the right time and place.



    Transform your organization with our government cloud.


    Modernize employee engagement.

    • Accelerate constituent appointment scheduling and unlock more potential
    • Leave manual task management and legacy IT systems behind
    • Count on meaningful feedback to understand how applicants really feel about their experiences
    • Empower every employee with our fast and easy solutions


    Put patient satisfaction at the heart of every interaction.


    Personalize contact center experiences.

    • Ensure faster, more accurate resolution for every patient inquiry
    • Connect agents to all relevant patient information on a single screen
    • Increase efficiency with automated workflows and AI-powered recommendations

    Coordinate post-acute care.

    • Enable seamless collaboration between care teams and patients to reduce readmissions
    • Provide care coordinators with 360-degree patient information for more effective care plans
    • Empower patients and family members with digital tools that aid care plan adherence

    Scale member care management.

    • Gain a complete member view, from benefits and claims, to clinical events and wellness programs
    • Leverage analytics to gain deeper member insights and drive healthier outcomes
    • Deliver improved member experiences at reduced costs

    Personalize member engagement.

    • Create omni-channel communications tailored to member preferences and health needs to enhance engagement
    • Simplify self-service and provide members with easy access to their health information
    • Empower employees to deliver customized member experiences that improve satisfaction


    Deliver truly personalized service that policyholders demand.


    Transform Service Engagement

    • Empower service teams and boost productivity with integrations from leading insurance partners
    • Unify fragmented data from legacy systems to get 360-degree views of every policyholder
    • Instantly access pertinent policyholder information in real time, anytime, anywhere

    Life Sciences

    Discover new solutions for a new era of medicine.


    Accelerate R&D Innovation

    • Connect disparate systems, trial teams, and patients across every phase of development
    • Share critical data on any device with secure, regulatory compliant apps
    • Recruit patients and lower attrition with personalized communications

    Connect the patient experience for pharmaceutical organizations

    • Deliver therapeutic-specific support programs at scale with a connected platform
    • Create connected, personalized patient experiences
    • Track performance with built-in analytics and AI


    Manufacture a smarter kind of customer success.


    Accelerate channel management.

    • Ensure partners have the training to sell and service your products better
    • Grow revenue with intelligent automation that pinpoints the best sales leads
    • Enable partners to deliver smarter, faster service from phone to field

    Deliver intelligent field service.

    • Resolve product issues faster than ever with optimized job scheduling
    • Provide proactive support by triggering alerts based on device data
    • Increase first-time fix rate to lower your costs and drive more revenue

    Streamline parts distribution.

    • Easily create tailored online commerce experiences for each customer
    • Deliver transparent order fulfillment that enables easy tracking and reordering
    • Boost customer confidence with friction-free warranty and service

    Digitize lifecycle marketing.

    • Create digital profiles that turn unknown prospects into repeat customers
    • Enable channel partners to create and manage personalized campaigns
    • Use Marketing Analytics and AI-fueled insights to engage like never before


    Move from mass media to my media.


    Maximize Audience Engagement.

    • Enrich fan profiles to grow your audience
    • Nurture one-time viewers into your most loyal fans with personalized marketing journeys
    • Build communities of interest to give fans a forum to engage beyond the content

    Accelerate Media Sales.

    • Drive operational excellence by integrating complete CRM with other downstream processes
    • Equip media sales teams with mobile-first tools that allow real-time access to inventory and product bundle data
    • Get deep insight into buyers and advertisers to identify better targets and maximize yield


    The world’s #1 CRM solution, reimagined for nonprofits.


    See the Salesforce advantage for nonprofits.

    • Get a complete view of client, supporter, member, volunteer, and affiliate interactions.
    • Collaborate across all parties to make the case for more giving.
    • Leverage social media to keep costs in check and achieve goals fast.
    • Create internal and external communities that amplify your impact.


    Connect to your shoppers in a whole new way.


    Personalize shopper marketing.

    • Know, personalize, and engage with shoppers across every channel
    • Drive long-term shopper loyalty powered by artificial intelligence
    • Manage journeys in real time and unify the entire shopper experience

    Deliver any channel service.

    • Enable service agents to focus on what really matters: building relationships
    • Engage shoppers with personalized service experiences, no matter the channel
    • Empower customers with intuitive self-service resources and communities

    Connect commerce everywhere.

    • Use AI to help shoppers find products faster
    • Personalize every step of the shopping journey and deliver the right offers at the right time
    • Integrate third party apps and provide a unified shopping experience 
    • Connect commerce across marketing and service channels


    See the Salesforce advantage for travel and hospitality.


    Transform customer experiences for a new age of travel.

    • Create personalized guest experiences at every touchpoint
    • Deliver tailored services across every channel and property
    • Connect guests to the right offer at the right time
    • Boost conversion and loyalty with integrated marketing

    Streamline transportation and logistics in today’s door-to-door economy.

    • Streamline communication across all parties
    • Increase transparency throughout the entire shipping journey
    • Automate all manual processes to increase efficiencies
    • Optimize your business based on routes, carriers, and fill rates

    Engage your drivers at every stage of the employee journey.

    • Target the right candidates and increase conversion rates
    • Digitize onboarding and training processes
    • Empower drivers with skills acquired through gamification
    • Leverage insights and key metrics to predict attrition

    Wealth Management

    Advisors, meet your new competitive advantage.


    Grow Client Relationships

    • Unlock a single view of the client with integrations from leading wealth management technology partners 
    • Deliver personalized advice at scale with intelligent client insights
    • Open a whole new world of opportunities with visual relationship maps 
    • Supercharge advisor productivity with integrated dashboards