Captivate your customers with innovative new mobility services.


Engage prospects and customers at every touchpoint.

● Turn unknown consumers into connected customers by delivering digital-first, personalized experiences

● Engage customers with targeted email, social, and ad campaigns that meet and exceed their expectations


Create loyal customers for life with fast, reliable service.

● Deliver always-on, omni-channel service that exceeds customer expectations through contact centers, email, instant messaging, and chatbots.


Build business success with data-driven insights.

● Better understand your business and opportunities with powerful built-in AI and analytics tools

● Focus your resources on the most impactful initiatives and segments to drive profitable business growth


Deliver services through an intelligent engagement platform.

● Combine customer and vehicle data to derive actionable diagnostic insights

● Take action on insights, and delight customers with exceptional, engaging service


Discover how Lyft reimagines transportation with Salesforce.

Discover insights from 500 industry leaders and see how digital transformation is the key to better customer experiences.

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