Get personal with personal care.


Boost the bottom line for every brand.


Build brand loyalty with connected data.

Activate data to scale consumer personalization and maximize marketing spend productivity.

Personalize consumer connections at scale.

Improve marketing return on investment and optimize performance.

Achieve commercial excellence.

Perfect retail execution, boost field productivity, and maximize growth by using real-time data and intelligent tools.

Activate First-Party Data

Develop deeper consumer understanding to deliver personalized engagement and build brand loyalty.
Capture, unify, segment, and activate all your consumer data.
Build a single view of the consumer, then target custom audience segments with ease.

Personalize consumer touchpoints.
Deliver tailored communications at scale with real-time offers — including discounts and exclusive product drops.

Grow consumer relationships.
Construct a comprehensive, cross-channel loyalty strategy, and incentivize positive behaviors.

Improve marketing performance.
Surface insights in your ad spend, see what tactics are most effective, and put your marketing budget back to work.
Marketing Cloud lets you personalize customer experiences and optimize each campaign with data-first enterprise solutions for any channel and device.

Customer Data Platform enables marketers to capture, unify, segment, and activate all their customer data.

Loyalty Management lets you build intelligent B2B and B2C loyalty programs that are flexible, configurable, and rapidly deployable.

Service Cloud allows you to deliver connected, personalized experiences at scale from the contact center to the field — all powered by intelligent automation and real-time data.

Maximize Marketing Effectiveness

Increase marketing profitability and improve performance. Consolidate multiple data sources efficiently into one central platform powered by AI, insights, and automation.
Increase data visibility.
Connect marketing with consumption and sales performance to understand the wider impact on sales.

Track your performance.
Automate reports and dashboards to unlock valuable real-time insights. Drill into performance by region, channel, category, brand, or product level to adopt an insightful, proactive approach.

Collaborate to drive growth.
Maximize marketing and sales performance by sharing insights in real time. Optimize online and offline sales with data-driven decisions, powered by AI.
Marketing Cloud Intelligence lets you personalize customer experiences and optimize each campaign with data-first enterprise solutions for any channel and device.

Unlock Perfect Retail Execution

Streamline planning, automate processes, and perfect store execution on one connected platform.
Improve store visit efficiency.
Work more effectively by integrating data from any source. Design plans, improve visits, and track teams with increased visibility of data across your business.

Maximize sales productivity.
Schedule visits, automate repetitive tasks, and get a 360-degree view of customer information on the mobile app.

Succeed at the shelf.
Ensure the right product is on the right shelf at the right price with offline order management and penny perfect pricing.

Improve order fulfillment.
Get full visibility into order and fulfillment data so you can prioritize deliveries, track your fleet, and reroute based on business needs.
Consumer Goods Cloud helps you streamline account planning, manage trade promotion, and optimize field execution so you can deliver connected customer experiences to drive growth.

Consumer Goods Cloud Intelligence helps your field sales team to identify opportunities to expand product offerings on the shelf using integrated analytics.

MuleSoft Anypoint Platform lets you integrate data from any system to deliver critical, time-sensitive projects — all with a single platform for APIs and integrations.

Thanks to Salesforce, the whole path of our consumers can be more interconnected…at every point of their shopper journey via their preferred changes, including web, mobile, and in-store.”

Asmita Dubey

Chief Digital and Marketing Officer, L’Oréal

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