Real Estate

Put all stakeholders on the same page to deliver better, more intelligent customer experiences.

Improve visibility, standardization, and processes with a single source of truth to assure that all stakeholders and customers are working off and contributing to the same data.

Personalize every interaction with a complete, unified view across teams, subcontractors, and third party systems.

Enrich every touch-point with connected data directly in the flow of work.

  • Connect and harmonize data across multiple systems to create unified customer profiles.
  • Extend audiences to trusted partners and enable privacy-safe insights.
  • Organize and protect your data by brand, department, and region to run unique business processes.
  • Enable smarter, more efficient AI with secure access to first-party and industry data.
  • Strengthen marketing, sales, service, and operational experiences across your organization with more complete, holistic data sets.

Empower sellers, brokers, and agents with insights that make every interaction more impactful.

Supercharge your data with customizable, predictive, and generative AI experiences.

  • Use real-time predictions to guide brokers, agents, and sellers to close deals, automate sales process, and build stronger relationships.
  • Drive business success with intelligent insights and predictions, a deep dive of the factors driving those insights, and next best actions.
  • Surface relevant information during customer support and on-site interactions to solve issues faster, uncover upsell opportunities, and enhance the customer experience.
  • Automatically summarize calls, meetings, and case details to drive productivity and build a knowledge base that empowers brokers and agents.
  • Increase productivity with AI generated contracts, emails, and call summaries.

Enable agents and brokers to increase customer satisfaction, boost sales effectiveness, and achieve better overall business performance.

Streamline processes, optimize operations, and create highly personalized customer experiences.

  • Increase productivity with automated workflows that remove guesswork, enhance employee experiences, and standardize processes.
  • Create personalized marketing journeys that engage customers, nurture relationships, and instill long-lasting loyalty.
  • Connect executive offices to field teams and partners in one centralized location.
  • Track key metrics with real-time analytics that give teams the flexibility they need to pivot fast and effectively manage risk.
Salesforce Customer 360

Customer 360

Build deeper relationships through automation, AI insights, and real-time data across agents, sellers, and brokers.

See how Lennar is surpassing customer expectations, enhancing efficiency, and solidifying its position as a U.S. real estate leader in a global market.