With Salesforce, insurance reps and agents have the tools to deliver more personalized communications across any device, collaborate in online social feeds, streamline service requests, track new opportunities, and more.

Get a complete view of service requests, prioritize inquiries based on urgency, and ensure the right person is on each case. Personalize customer experiences at scale with an AI-powered platform designed for the digital-first insurer.

Engage in more rewarding customer conversations with smart alert reminders of important life events. With Salesforce Communities, have more meaningful interactions with customers, and seamlessly collaborate with colleagues.

Be there for customers at a moment’s notice with SOS video chat and real-time interactions from any device. And provide additional peace of mind when they need it most with self-service capabilities for tracking claims.


The important thing ... is that we have to meet the needs of the customer. And as the customer changes, we have to change.”

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