Salesforce Customer 360 helps you put your customers at the heart of all you do. You get a powerful set of platform services that aligns data management across every channel, and provides instant access to reconciled customer data. So business development and marketing work seamlessly together, with synchronized manufacturing, product management, and program delivery. All while delivering operations, maintenance, and field service according to your customers' specific needs.

Business Development

Win strategic contracts and follow-on task orders and have greater forecast accuracy using Sales Cloud. Take advantage of built-in business intelligence and AI capabilities — from business development, to capture management, and forecasting insights — that help lower costs and remove risks. And do it all while maximizing the value of your customer relationships, historical pursuits, partnerships, case management, and financial and project information.

Employee Engagement

Drive growth and productivity by delivering connected, mobile-first employee experiences and aligning your organization around your customers. With Salesforce, low-code apps can be easily deployed for every business process and department to accelerate business, while continuous learning programs and employee surveys can further empower your workforce and drive more innovation.

Customer Service and Support

Deliver the white-glove, high-touch service that government contracts and relationships demand. As part of Customer 360, Service Cloud and Field Service enable you to provide connected, personalized, and intelligent support. Track and resolve cases more quickly through highly interactive self-service, field service, and contact centers. From customer-initiated and internally identified cases, to ones related to program delivery and operations and maintenance (O&M) contracts, your team will be equipped to deliver higher satisfaction out in the field.

Supplier Relationship Management

With the Customer 360 Platform, you can more effectively manage your relationships with key suppliers, providing you with an engagement layer that reduces risk. Turn your suppliers from a cost center into competitive differentiators by gaining visibility into supplier performance, streamlining supplier onboarding, and providing top supplier portal experiences to boost sales, manage risk, and promote better contract performance.

Transparency and Predictability

Deliver transparency and predictability across your ecosystem with Manufacturing Cloud. It's a tailor-made CRM for manufacturers that provides true visibility into every account, with a consolidated view of every sales agreement. So you can unify and proactively manage planning and forecasts across new and run-rate business for greater predictability, transparency, and collaboration.

Get Future-ready with a Government CRM

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