Employee Engagement

Empower government employees with tools, technology, and insights.


Improve efficiency with a platform that lets employees focus on the mission using the world’s #1 CRM.

Your people are your greatest asset, and better tools will help them provide better customer experiences. Recruit and manage talent with streamlined onboarding, performance management, and workflow automation capabilities using Customer 360.
  • Reduce the burden on support teams by connecting information and processes to help staff prioritize the highest value work
  • Integrate easy-to-use agent desktop tools that will transform contact center productivity through instant access to critical information
  • Workforce skilling to build applications fast, automate processes, and accelerate organizational performance and ROI

Equip employees with customizable tools to simplify processes and increase job satisfaction.


Streamline the employee experience from hire to retire.

Reimagine the employee engagement lifecycle by providing one centralized platform for all interactions across the employment journey. Starting with the hiring process, enable workflows and back office capabilities to guide candidates through onboarding, productivity, and beyond.

Launch an employee intranet for today’s mobile-first workforce.

Empower employees to push the mission forward from wherever they are. Bring the employee experience to life with a single platform for collaboration and apps. Using Salesforce’s low-code tools makes your intranet simple to build and easy to access.

Redefine in-demand skills for your organization.

Give employees access to new technologies and the chance to develop their skills as “citizen developers” within your organization. Move away from legacy systems and free employees to innovate using the most advanced technology available today with capabilities designed for tomorrow.

Our report on workforce development can help you plan a path to transform your employee experience.


New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions is a trailblazer in scaling the mission to handle the unprecedented call volume brought on by COVID-19.


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