IT Innovation

Bring transformation to the IT behind your mission with a secure and modern cloud platform.


Reimagine the services you can deliver when you implement Salesforce Customer 360 capabilities.

Connect legacy systems into a single source of truth and start turning “technical debt” into innovation. With a fast and agile platform it’s easy to build applications, automate workflows, and deliver digital user experiences that help deliver on your mission objectives.
  • Boost employee productivity and scale with cloud governance
  • Speed the time to value by introducing a simple but powerful user interface and best practices
  • Quickly build and launch applications that leverage the security and artificial intelligence built into the platform
  • Connect any ERP or legacy system to a flexible and scalable integrated cloud platform

Deploy a scalable platform that can flex to serve the unique needs of your programs.


Create apps using clicks, not code.

Give department admins and business users low-code application tools that let them create new ways to work efficiently. Integrate and adapt your apps to fit mission outcomes, improve program management, and provide better service.

Deliver enterprise business capabilities.

Start addressing project needs immediately, then add customizations over time that improve processes across the organization. Gain control over your enterprise architecture, while decentralizing application development, integrations, and access to secure data.

Stay future-ready as regulations change.

Using dedicated instances of our industry-leading platform built specifically for the public sector and governments around the world, you won’t have to manage the complexities of regulatory compliance — we will. Whether it’s FedRAMP, IRAP, Protected-A/B, or any of the ever-changing cloud security global standards, we work diligently to meet global compliance standards.

Our datasheet for IT modernization shows how you’ll get the fastest time to value and start innovating right out of the box.


Texas Department of Information Resources built 25 custom applications on the Salesforce Platform.

With Salesforce we can continue to add more and more apps for the same fixed fee, locking down costs but expanding the technology value.”

Todd Kimbriel | COO, Texas Department of Information Resources

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