IT Innovation

Transform legacy into flexibility and bring innovation to your mission with a secure and modern cloud platform.

Deliver modernization from infrastructure to applications to meet increasing mission demands.

Connect legacy systems into a single source of truth and turn technical debt into innovation. With a secure and agile platform, it’s easy to build applications, integrations, and user experiences that help deliver on your mission objectives.
  • Meet unique security needs of government  
  • Quickly build and launch applications by leveraging the connectivity and data mapping built into the platform with MuleSoft  
  • Integrate any ERP or legacy system to a flexible and scalable integrated cloud platform  
  • Understand constituent needs and improve customer service with powerful analytics, all with Tableau  

Quickly implement IT Innovation capabilities and accelerate time to value.


A trusted and secure platform.

Scale fast and adhere to stringent data security demands using dedicated instances of our industry-leading platform. Whether it’s FedRAMP, IRAP, Protected-A/B, stay future-ready as regulations change.

Integrate for a single view.

Connect easily to any cloud and legacy system with a single platform. Accelerate development speed by reusing existing APIs, connectors, templates, examples, and other integration assets.

Pre-Built applications with no code

Digitize processes and services rapidly with pre-built Public Sector Applications. Deploy modern constituent services fast using public sector data models, components, and capabilities.

Analytics for anyone.

Empower employees and management to see and understand mission-critical data when it is needed most. Give anyone in the organization the ability to use powerful visual analytics to answer their business questions in a secure, governed environment.

The State of Indiana built a future-proof, comprehensive view of the children at the heart of its mission.

No more green screens; our organization can now trade the ownership of the depreciation of a custom IP and static architecture for modernization of a continuously improved platform that will be just as modern 10 years from now, as the day we turned it on.”

Todd Kimbriel | KEVIN JONES, CIO, 

Deploy a scalable platform that adapts to the unique needs of your programs.


Create apps using clicks, not code.

Give department admins and business users new ways to work efficiently with low-code application tools. Integrate and adapt your apps to fit mission outcomes, improve program management, and provide better service.

Accelerate digital transformation with an API-led approach.

Speed up project delivery two to three times faster by unlocking data from legacy IT systems, connecting cloud applications, and automating processing tasks to meet growing demands.

Build trust with data.

Better understand constituent needs, improve customer service, and be ready to weather any crisis through data-driven analytics. Redefine how your organization delivers services and interacts with the public with increased transparency and accountability.

Make faster, more confident decisions across your organization.

Provide intuitive AI and predictive analytics tools to analysts and business users, and help make data science accessible to non-technical users.