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Mobilize, manage, and scale vaccine administration efficiently and effectively. for Vaccines on the Salesforce Platform provides a rapid and flexible approach for managing, delivering, and administering vaccine programs.

Securely manage vaccine administration at scale with the global CRM leader.

public health command center

Get a comprehensive view from a single dashboard to better manage and react.

Public Health Command Center gives public health and healthcare organizations a complete 360-degree view of vaccine management in order to make data-driven decisions and take action when needed. Insight into the health status of a population by demographic and current inventory levels can help inform vaccine service needs and accelerate response time.
Make informed, data-driven decisions based on vaccine needs and risk factors
Ensure rapid response with a holistic view into your vaccination programs
Consolidate data sources into a single dashboard to accelerate response time

vaccine inventory management

Accurately forecast demand and ensure supply availability.

In order to meet public health needs, Vaccine Inventory Management will help organizations confirm availability and maintain adequate vaccine doses, syringes, and PPE stock levels. It can also aid in accurately forecasting demand, help reduce waste, and avoid surplus supplies that could be needed elsewhere.
Leverage a single solution to oversee inventory planning, management, optimization, and prioritization to meet public health needs
Use robust inventory management and planning capabilities to maintain adequate quantities of doses, PPE stock, syringes, and other supplies
Streamline your supply to help reduce waste and accurately forecast demand

Prepare the public and health professionals to act fast.


vaccination appointment scheduling

Manage vaccine distribution with centralized scheduling capabilities.

With the large number of people that will need to be vaccinated in a short amount of time, Vaccination Appointment Scheduling will help organizations make sure the vaccine type and protocol history are available as needed. Easily schedule and prioritize vaccination appointments by helping clinicians perform health assessments, capture electronic consent, and determine eligibility.
Manage registration and eligibility for outreach and communication to stay connected with recipients
Easily schedule and prioritize vaccination appointments by helping clinicians perform health assessments, capture electronic consent, and determine eligibility
Enable contactless visits via QR codes, as well as self-service and on-demand appointment scheduling

clinical vaccine administration

Accurately capture vaccine delivery information and prepare for administration.

Clinical Vaccine Administration will help ensure medical professionals are trained on vaccine administration before delivery, and can help avoid onsite bottlenecks by using pre-arrival screenings. AI and data analysis tools also allow agencies to assess readiness, manage community health, log and track administration of the vaccine, and analyze community-wide vaccine results monitoring.
Simplify data capture to promote safe vaccine administration practices with digital pre-arrival screenings and approvals
Analyze community-wide vaccine results

Administer, monitor, and notify to protect and inform the public.

vaccination outcome monitoring

Monitor health outcomes after vaccinations through data capture.

Allow organizations to efficiently survey people to understand their health outcomes and quickly follow up if there is a community health concern. People will be able to self-report their health outcomes from a variety of digital channels to help efficiently survey and capture that information.
Efficiently survey participant experiences and health outcomes following their vaccinations
Quickly communicate and follow up if there is a community health concern

public health notifications

Engage the community throughout the vaccine management lifecycle.

Help public health officials interact with the community through notifications, and curate accurate education and outreach campaigns. Ease the burden on staff by automating recurring communications, such as second dose reminders.
Notify people when it’s time to return for a second dose
Alert site managers to re-stock based on scheduled appointments
Communicate potential recalls and trace back capabilities from adverse events

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