Vaccine Management Playbook

Connect people in your community to life-saving interventions.

We are in the middle of one of the largest mass vaccination campaigns in human history. Vaccinating billions of people against COVID-19 can help stop the spread – and ultimately end the pandemic. But the challenges involved are enormous. Governments, healthcare systems, community organizations, and retail pharmacies must reach out to their communities, set up appointments, monitor inventory, administer doses, and log and report outcomes. It’s a massive undertaking.

Getting the COVID-19 vaccine to billions of people is one of the biggest logistical challenges in the history of our planet, and technology has a critical role to play.”

Bret Taylor, President & COO, Salesforce

One common stumbling block: Many organizations still use legacy systems that were not built to handle this scope and speed.

We understand the need to address these challenges and close the gap between available systems with a platform that can help build trust with the public through open communication. Speed to deployment, scalability, and security are critical for a successful vaccination management program. Plus, a nimble platform can adapt quickly as information and guidance changes.

No matter where you are in your vaccine management plans, our "Vaccine Management Playbook" has tips to help optimize programs you already have in place or help build them from the ground up. The playbook takes you through the process step by step and shows you how it all comes together with real-world examples.

  • Chapter 1: Put Plans in Place
  • Chapter 2: Raise Awareness and Begin Outreach
  • Chapter 3: Administer Vaccines
  • Chapter 4: Monitor the Program and Community Safety
  • Chapter 5: See Trailblazers’ Real-World Results
  • Chapter 6: Put Knowledge into Action

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Gather your resources, prepare your program, and secure your platform.
See how to:
  • Identify the right system for your vaccine program management
  • Make data-driven decisions to drive candidate prioritization
  • Embrace industry standards for compliance

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