Replacing legacy recruiting systems isn't as complex — or as costly — as you may think. Salesforce's Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) model means you can deploy mobile-first solutions fast — in months, not years. Clicks, not code, make updates easy so you can focus on the mission instead of managing IT.

Recruiting Commands can update forms, reconfigure data, and deploy to the field at lightning speed. Simple configuration means you can adjust quickly to meet changing business requirements.

Simple, automated processes help recruiters work efficiently and effectively. Social and mobile tools make it easy to communicate early and often with recruits.

Maintain a 360-degree view of every recruit right from your phone. Access real-time reports and dashboards to prioritize leads and improve forecast accuracy.


When you know when, how, and whom to communicate with, you can meet aggressive recruitment goals.

Information technology is playing a more dominant role in the competitiveness — and cost-effectiveness — of recruiting Marines.
Attracting recruits to serve their immediate communities means engaging with them on a local, personal level.
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