The Salesforce Federal Contact Center is a secure, multi-channel enterprise application that puts the customer experience at the center of all agency services, knowledge, and experts. What results is a more streamlined intake process and effective mission execution.
Federal Agencies have an opportunity to deliver on mission more consistently by implementing a customer-centric contact center service model.
Develop comprehensive and intuitive systems of engagement for customers.
Integrate collaborative functionality into business processes allowing employees to work together more efficiently.
Boost productivity with a mobile-ready, agile, data-rich platform.
Our FedRAMP approved data-intelligence extension empowers every Salesforce user to analyze patterns, develop granular insight, and deliver a better mission.
Government agencies are seeking to significantly improve their services due to challenges like shifting customer expectations, an increasingly frustrated workforce, and outdated technology. The good news is that to effectively address each challenge doesn’t necessarily require a long, costly rip-and-replace. They can often be handled via a simple shift in approach by implementing a system of engagement.
The rapid evolution of technology has changed the way customers interact with service providers and we enable Federal agencies to respond to this shift in pragmatic and innovative ways.
Our connected FedRAMP-certified platform eliminates disparate sets of premise-based applications that have limited data and functional integration.
Provide contact center agents the tools and actionable insight they need to deliver optimal customer experiences.

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