Government Cloud Wave is our analytics extension for government cloud solutions.  Give every Salesforce user the modern, mobile, analytical functionality they need to identify patterns, resolve issues, and advance the mission. It’s analytics for the rest of us, on our FedRAMP-approved cloud platform. 
Increasingly fragmented data makes it hard to find disruptions, correct issues, and improve services at a pace that meets today’s demands. Salesforce removes these silos, turning data into powerful bargaining chips that make the most of missions.
Unlock the visibility teams need to gain data-driven insight with an intuitive, flexible, self-service platform.
Consolidate data across mission-critical systems to understand niche needs and adjust services accordingly.
Bring data to life and turn insight into action with visual tools that highlight context often lost in spreadsheets.
Foster a data-driven approach across common government processes.
See how Government Cloud Wave gives leadership teams thorough visibility to data behind mission services.
Identify sticking points, analyze bottlenecks, and close cases faster with Government Cloud Wave for our Case Management solution.
Analyze data from multiple sources all on one platform, empowering teams to better understand the drivers behind departments, agencies, and communities served by the mission.
With Government Cloud Wave, contractors have the visual tools they need to analyze wins, understand patterns of spikes and drops, and develop a data-driven bidding strategy.

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