Public Sector Products

Salesforce Government Cloud

Scale and secure your apps on a compliant government cloud.

Drive mission success with cloud-first IT innovation.


Built for Government

Dedicated environments for U.S. government agencies and contractors, including federal, state, local, defense and intelligence organizations.

Unlock Compliance

Meet compliance requirements such as FedRAMP High, IRS 1075, and DoD Impact Level 4 and 5 (IL4 and IL5).

Security-First Infrastructure

Built on AWS GovCloud, the market leading FedRAMP-authorized cloud to adhere to stringent data security demands of government.

Innovate Faster

Save time and money on deployment and maintenance with best-practice industry apps and no-code tools.

Operate with Confidence

Unlock real-time insights on system and security performance.

Get Ready for Mission Success

Get more value with professional services, implementation partners, system integrators, and other technology providers specializing in government.

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Federal, State & Local

Modernize government service on a trusted platform.

Connect with constituents and increase agency efficiency with the #1 CRM.

Defense & Intelligence

Deliver mission critical apps in a dedicated cloud environment.

Innovate faster with a low code, no code platform designed to help authorized U.S. government agencies meet stringent security and compliance requirements.

Dedicated to trust, transparency and compliance.

See what Salesforce is doing to stay ahead of global compliance standards.

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