Licensing for Government

Professional licensing is an imperative government service that ensures the economic prosperity of a community. The Salesforce Licensing solution is a comprehensive platform that connects licensees, businesses, and government to secure quality professional services.


Streamline with a modern licensing system.

Legacy processes and systems are constraining the delivery of service and safety standards. Empower your staff with a modernized licensing solution that benefits both customers and stakeholders.

Focus on customer service.

Efficiently deliver responsive customer service to both licensees and businesses.

Integrate smartly.

Synchronize with the latest regulations, compliance, and legislation on an agile and secure platform.

Gain insights from data.

Enable staff to leverage insights to make data-driven decisions with service delivery.

Industry Drivers

In the ever-changing regulatory landscape, the licensing process requires nimble solutions to drive productivity. Supplied with the right tools, government agencies can provide quality services to assure the well-being of the community.


Complex and disjointed licensing processes make it difficult for staff to be collaborative, efficient, and effective in delivering services.

Accountability and compliance

With increasing accountability, there is an industry mandate for staff to comply with regulatory requirements and leadership expectations.

Customer Expectations

Today’s customers expect a private sector user experience, which means having the ability to access information on any device anytime.