Deliver services faster to provide an improved experience to your residents.

Deliver on customer expectations with modern IT.

Residents expect simple, streamlined, and effective government services and quick problem resolution. The resilient Salesforce CRM platform provides government entities with game-changing technology and tools to deliver services faster and with greater efficacy.

Enable modern engagement and workflow, integrated with legacy systems.

With Salesforce, you can begin experiencing the benefits of a modern, cloud-based CRM right away, without installing software or writing code. You can easily integrate the SaaS platform with your legacy systems and leverage the value of all your information while you continue on your digital transformation journey.

Respond faster with a consolidated view of requests and approvals.

The Salesforce Platform allows you to streamline the integration of your data and across departments and agencies to provide a single source of truth. Access to all of your current and historical information about a contractor, resident, or other stakeholder can expedite case resolution and the delivery of information and services.

Enable regulatory services with comprehensive mobile capabilities in the field.

Now workers out in the field can have the relevant information they need, right at their fingertips. Workers for health and social services, licensing, permitting, and regulatory services can access everything from detailed case information to AI that can guide prioritization and predict trends, right from a tablet or phone.

Deploy solutions in a FedRAMP government-accredited cloud environment to meet agency priorities.

We handle complexity and enable security and compliance, so you can focus on your mission. Salesforce Government Cloud is a partitioned instance of Salesforce’s industry-leading PaaS and SaaS. It is a multitenant community cloud infrastructure specifically for use by U.S. federal, state, and local government customers, U.S. government contractors, and federally funded research and development centers.

Find essential tools to deliver critical services.

Deliver improved services in areas that directly impact your constituents:

Health and Social Services

Get a modern, easy-to-use platform to connect agencies and service providers with the people they serve to more efficiently meet community needs.

Empower Every Employee

Give your personnel the visibility they need to make data-driven decisions that drive mission-critical success.

Regulatory Services

Connect licensees, businesses, and government to secure quality professional services while maintaining the safety and economic prosperity of a community.

Digital Citizen Services

Provide the modern digital tools and IT foundation that creates self-reliant citizens and empowers them to take actions that improve the community.


Return to the Workplace for State and Local Government

Respond to crisis faster, deliver services better.

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