Cloud Solutions for Federal IT: A Case for Modernization

Government agencies are adopting modern technologies to make it easier and faster for constituents to connect with government services, both out of necessity and desire.

According to the “Connected Citizen Report,” more than half (55%) of Americans would be open to their taxpayer money going to research forward-looking technologies for their cities, assuming it is for services they would find helpful.

To guarantee success in this shifting digital age, the federal government needs the appropriate tools, necessary data, and an organizational culture that supports constituent engagement. Leaders have an incredible opportunity to reinvent the role of technology and focus more resources on delivering mission value.

The Power of One Platform

With the growing importance of relationships and connectivity between government agencies, leaders might wonder: What is the best way to modernize and transform the way these agencies deliver services?

It starts with the experience — meaning there must be a renewed focus on putting people at the center of every interaction, delivering personalized and relevant communications whether in person or online. When government truly understands who its constituents are and what they need, government can better leverage technology to create meaningful connections and continuously improve over time.

The Salesforce Customer Success Platform is the key to relationship building. It enables everything from service, marketing, and collaboration to communities, analytics, and business intelligence — not to mention application development both within Salesforce and for third parties.

Hundreds of federal departments have modernized with Salesforce’s integrated, secure cloud platform, which has enabled them to cut costs, accelerate mission success, and provide a more complete ecosystem for their employees, stakeholders, and partners. Salesforce Government Cloud is a partitioned instance of Salesforce’s industry-leading PaaS (platform as a service) and SaaS (software as a service) technologies. It is a multitenant infrastructure specifically for use by the U.S. government and enables stakeholder success with a single, integrated platform.

With our FedRAMP-authorized solutions, you can innovate faster and bring new potential to your mission-critical programs.


Government Cloud: Overview, Security, and Compliance


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