City Government

Take a people-first approach to deliver on city initiatives.


Build connected communities that join people, process, and government on an agile platform.

Put citizens at the heart of operations with solutions from the world’s #1 CRM. The Customer 360 Platform empowers leaders with in-depth insights and targeted tools designed to bring people and the government together.
  • Provide digital services for self-reliant residents who need service or want to take action to improve their community
  • Quickly modernize case management, integrate with legacy systems, and connect residents to essential programs
  • Make it easier for employees to deliver mission-critical services by integrating data from anywhere to create a single source of truth

City Government Solutions

Improve the resident and employee experience with integrated solutions from the world’s #1 CRM.




Quickly connect residents to the services they need.

Agencies can track interactions in a searchable, secure platform with Contact Center. The comprehensive view of residents helps solve inquiries faster and provides a better customer experience. Calls for city services are easily handled and self-service options speed things along.

311 access is at the center of Chicago’s citizen service.

The Chicago 311 City Services Call Center manages non-emergency services and inquiries to keep the city clean, accessible, and thriving. Our FedRAMP-authorized cloud platform helped deliver a private sector-like experience without additional budget or resources.



Give agencies a searchable, secure platform to resolve cases faster.

Support the full case management lifecycle by integrating critical data points from multiple systems into a single location. With a 360-degree view of every case, service agents can streamline and manage resolution workflows.

The Department of Health Care Finance gives D.C. residents a gateway to health and social services.

The Washington D.C. Department of Health Care Finance (DHCF) built myDCAS, a centralized portal and knowledge access system built on Service Cloud to help caseworkers answer eligibility questions and process applications on a single system.



Give employees tools to provide support anytime and anywhere.

Whether it’s phone, live chat, social, or mobile, bring all of your support channels and points of contact together to help agents deliver seamless service for everyone from public transit and city contact centers to utilities and public safety agencies.

L.A. Metro’s TAP Program built the next-generation, seamless transit experience.

LA Metro is one of 27 transit systems moving 10 million people through Greater Los Angeles. Combining traditional and modern transportation services required regional thinking and collaboration. With our platform, transit cards became transit accounts.



Build apps fast to create a smarter, more efficient city.

Move beyond legacy systems with innovative solutions ready to run right out of the box. With a simple “clicks, not code” approach, IT teams, SI partners, and business leads can build apps for desktop and mobile quickly.

Cary, North Carolina, serves residents quickly with new applications.

With the launch of several cloud-based applications across the community, Cary now provides residents with new and better ways to connect to government services.

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