County Government Solutions


Improve the lives of residents and lower operational costs with a trusted platform built for government.


Deliver services quickly and efficiently with tools that bring people and government together.

Residents expect simple, streamlined, and effective government services with quick problem resolution. Our resilient platform provides county governments with game-changing technology and tools to connect and transform communities.
  • Provide smart, digital, and interactive customer service for your residents
  • Enable cross agency collaboration and empower the remote workforce
  • Engage with residents across social media and build better relationships
  • Connect residents to the critical services they need and help employees deliver on the mission.



Transform communities with digital service.

Empower residents to take actions that improve the community. Provide them with modern digital tools and an IT foundation that enables self-reliance and better access to government services.

Improve employee and resident relationships.

Marketing Cloud for Government provides everything you need to communicate and connect with residents. Get complete, up-to-date case information and social insights, all in one place — available anytime, anywhere.



Get faster, flexible licensing and permitting.

Connect licensees, businesses and government to ensure quality services and community safety. Accelerate each step in the license and permit approval lifecycle by taking a digital-first approach.

Speed tax assessment and appeals.

Streamline the efficiency of tax assessment and appeals for county agencies. Save time and resources while achieving higher resident satisfaction through each step of the process.



Improve patient outcomes.

Enable county health and social service agencies to modernize rapidly and deliver unprecedented service. Our flexible platform adapts to the ever changing requirements of health and human services programs for continuous compliance and better patient outcomes.

Process food assistance easily.

Engage with residents and streamline application processing. Connect legacy systems to a single source of truth to simplify the approval lifecycle for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) applications.



Transform the employee experience.

Help employees focus on the mission, not the process, by connecting them across agencies using apps built into the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform. Enable them to create automated workflows and streamline the way appointments are created.

Recruit and retain the workforce of the future.

Use advanced analytics and insights to recruit the people who will push the mission forward. Provide a seamless experience for candidates and equip recruiters with intuitive tools that help them meet recruitment challenges.

The City and County of Denver delivers an exceptional customer experience.


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