Department of Defense

Increase mission readiness while reducing costs.


Deploy reliable and scalable solutions to bring enterprise business capabilities to service members, with a secure and private cloud platform by the #1 CRM.

The Salesforce Platform is customizable, intuitive, mobile-ready, and has several Authority to Operate (ATO) approvals within the Department of Defense (DoD) to store Impact Level 4 and Privacy High data. The platform allows workflow automation and is connected to the DISA SCCA Cloud Access Point (CAP), enabling mission owners to quickly leverage compliant cloud capabilities for mission-readiness.
  • Bring systems, personnel, and data together on a modern, flexible platform that creates the fastest time to value
  • Align industry partnerships to the mission, set performance standards, and enable transparency
  • Get a comprehensive view of health interactions, relationships, and benefits to improve patient outcomes
  • Empower personnel with automated workflows, insights, and access to the community

Defense Solutions

Improve readiness and meet mission objectives with unified solutions for agility and responsiveness.




Automate and monitor processes for logistical alignment across the entire DoD.

Quickly unify teams, partners, data, equipment, and transportation for maximum effectiveness — all while reducing lifecycle sustainment costs. Deploy a future-ready platform with logistics visibility, data accessibility, and intelligence for accurate planning and decision-making.



Drive industry partnerships, acquisitions, and innovation forward with accelerated results.

Solve military challenges with commercial technology acquisitions. Align partnerships with mission needs and performance standards by automating processes that scale for strategic sourcing, supply chain management, relationship tracking, compliance, and risk analysis.



Connect with servicemembers, dependents, retirees, civilian employees, and partners in a whole new way.

Eliminate the technical debt of legacy systems and prepare for the future of Defense health community operations. Obtain a 360-degree view of all interactions, relationships, and benefits with a client-centric application. Engage on patient-preferred devices with social collaboration, real-time assistance, and mobility.



Transform the Defense human capital management lifecycle.

Evolve human capital management with personalized programs and services that personnel and civilian staff need to succeed. Empower personnel with mobile tools that accelerate recruitment and onboarding, enhance career tracking, and improve the employee experience.

Recruit the talent you need to defend the nation.

Use advanced analytics and intelligence to recruit the next generation of servicemembers. Defense agencies can deliver the seamless experience candidates expect, while equipping recruiters with intuitive tools to help meet recruitment challenges.

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