Scale Patient Access and Services

Empower patients to engage their providers on their terms, and service agents and clinicians to easily respond.

How it works.

Improve experiences as you foster personalized service, streamline triage, and connect patients and care teams through the channels they want to use.

Unlock a holistic view of your patients for personalized interactions.

Connect the different aspects of care on one platform to gain a comprehensive view of patients, inform expert responses, and tailor interventions to specific needs.

Accelerate time to care with automated, self-service tools.

Ensure patients receive care faster with automated tools that quickly verify benefits and eligibility, easily find and schedule care, and effortlessly complete pre- and post-visit activities.

Improve care team alignment and patient engagement.

Build stronger patient relationships with on-demand access to health records and services, and give staff increased insight into patient services through real-time operational reports, purpose-built dashboards, and advanced analytics.


See how Piedmont Healthcare boosted patient engagement during a crisis.

We needed to operate as one health system … and we had to serve patients consistently, even though they had different needs.”

Katie Logan | Chief Consumer & Strategy Officer, Piedmont Healthcare

Scale Patient Access and Services Demo


See what’s included in this solution.

Health Cloud connects data and teams, automates processes, and personalizes engagement on a single, intelligent platform to improve outcomes.
MuleSoft Anypoint Platform lets you integrate data from any system to deliver critical, time-sensitive projects — all with a single platform for APIs and integrations.
Tableau CRM is a mobile app that helps your entire team find important answers and start making data-driven decisions.
Salesforce Platform lets you build scalable applications with no-code and code dev tools, create flows and automate complex tasks, and scale with the highest levels of trust, security, and governance.
Experience Cloud lets you quickly launch data-powered sites, portals, and apps, connected across the customer journey.
Slack brings together all your teams with the apps and data they need in a single, collaborative workspace.

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