Vaccine Cloud for Providers

Mobilize, manage, and scale vaccine administration efficiently and effectively.

Vaccine Cloud for Healthcare Providers helps manage the last mile of vaccine administration with a modular, interoperable solution for clinicians and self-service digital experience for patients.

Securely manage vaccine administration at scale with the global #1 CRM leader.

Health Command Center

Get a comprehensive view from a single dashboard to better manage and react.

Health Command Center gives organizations a 360-degree view of vaccine management to enable data-driven decisions. Use real-time vaccine inventory data and local demand forecasts to optimize your vaccine management program.

Make data-driven decisions based on vaccine needs and risks

Ensure rapid response with a holistic view of programs

Consolidate data into a single dashboard to speed response


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Vaccine Inventory Management

Accurately forecast demand for rapid mass vaccination.

Vaccine Inventory Management helps organizations ensure availability and maintain adequate vaccine doses, syringes, and PPE stock levels. It can also aid in forecasting demand, help reduce waste, and avoid surplus supplies.

Leverage a single solution for planning and prioritization

Use robust inventory management to maintain supplies

Streamline supplies to reduce waste and forecast demand


Technology can’t just be efficient; it also has to be empathetic – supporting patients in whatever way they are feeling about the pandemic and trying to help them through it.”

David Luft | Assistant Vice President, Software Engineering & Development

vaccination appointment scheduling

Manage vaccine distribution with centralized scheduling.

Vaccination Appointment Scheduling ensures the vaccine type and protocol history are available as needed. Clinicians can easily schedule and prioritize vaccination appointments, perform health assessments, capture electronic consent, determine eligibility, and ensure vaccine availability at time of appointment.

Manage registration and eligibility to connect with recipients

Use QR codes and on-demand scheduling for contactless visits


Asynchronous Registration and Scheduling

Help securely scale vaccination registration.

Through a high-scale web experience, organizations can collect registration information, apply detailed eligibility and inventory-based rules, and then notify people via personalized links when an appointment slot is available.

Streamline vaccine registration process with a scalable and equitable process

Use prioritization and eligibility rules to effectively connect people to appointments

Scale online, in-person, and call center registration for all members of your community


Clinical Vaccine Administration

Capture accurate vaccine information and prep for distribution.

Clinical Vaccine Administration ensures medical professionals are trained before vaccine delivery to avoid onsite bottlenecks. Data analysis tools allow agencies to assess readiness, manage community health, log and track allotment, and analyze results.

Promote safe vaccination practices with pre-arrival screenings

Analyze community-wide vaccine outcomes in accordance with public health guidance


Vaccine Outcome Monitoring

Monitor post-vaccination outcomes through data capture.

Allow organizations and clinicians to follow up with vaccine recipients with surveys to understand their health outcomes. Easily and efficiently survey vaccine recipients with digital surveys, SMS and phone.

Survey participant experiences and manage health outcomes

Efficiently communicate amongst officials and the public in case of post-vaccination events


Engagement and Automation

Engage the community throughout the vaccine lifecycle.

Help health officials interact with the community through notifications, and curate accurate education and outreach campaigns. Ease the burden on staff by automating recurring communications, such as second dose reminders.

Notify people when it’s time to return for a second dose

Alert site managers to restock based on appointments

Communicate recalls and trace back needs from adverse events


Vaccination Validation

Integrate, generate, and verify health credentials for proof of vaccination.

Generate health credentials during the vaccine administration workflow.

Manage digital credential records

Verify digital health credentials to show proof of vaccination

Integrate easily with common Digital Credential standards


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