As consumption trends continue to change, finding new ways to monetize your content and target audiences will be critical to your success. With the Accelerate Media Sales solution, you'll get a single view of your revenue streams on the Salesforce Platform. And you’ll be able to scale your sales with Sales Cloud, surface insights and actions with Einstein Analytics, and leverage Salesforce DMP to connect advertisers to desirable audiences.
Integrate complete CRM with other downstream processes like ad operations, rights management, and more effective inventory management. AppExchange applications allow for order management, commissions, contracts, and document generation to consolidate platforms and drive user adoption.
Advance your message across every stage of the customer journey. Leverage lead scoring to prioritize follow-up, automate targeted marketing, and drive ROI with real-time reporting.
Get real-time access to inventory and complex product bundle data. Build digital sales aides with the integration of sales collateral so that reps can sell from anywhere. Create communities for advertisers which enhance sales transactions and allow for customers to interact via self-service.
Use predictive intelligence to connect with prospects earlier and attract them with targeted content. Benefit from analytics to get deep insight into buyers and advertisers. Receive enhanced consumer data to drive better targets and maximize yield. Utilize sales performance management to accelerate performance beyond what Salesforce automation can do on its own. Turn on social media campaign monitoring to help advertisers understand how their campaigns are resonating.

Data is coming from so many places now, and the more information we have to make decisions is critical.”

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