Grow Subscriber Relationships

See how to turn subscribers into loyal fans with consumer experiences that stand out from the crowd.

Here's how it works.

Deliver personalized end-to-end subscriber experiences.

Intelligently drive awareness and demand.

Increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns with intelligent audience segmentation and targeting to drive awareness.

Seamlessly onboard new subscribers.

Convert casual media consumers to subscribers, while making it easy for them to sign up and purchase add-ons that generate more revenue.

Deliver omni-channel subscriber care.

Give service agents a complete view of subscribers to deliver personalized and frictionless care, and increase retention across any channel.

Drive content consumption.

Get subscribers to consume more content by presenting relevant and personalized recommendations and add-ons.

Proactively predict behavior.

Retain subscribers by uncovering actionable insights that anticipate subscriber behaviors, and proactively activate personalized journeys.

Customer Success Spotlight

See how Globo personalizes subscriber journeys.

Marketing Cloud helps to intelligently segment Globo's audiences, and execute personalized communications and recommendations. With a single view of its audiences, Globo was able to increase retention rate by 30%.


See how to turn casual media consumers into long-term subscribers.


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Media Cloud is a unified, agile platform that enables media and entertainment providers to rapidly launch, monetize, and grow subscriber experiences.
Marketing Cloud lets you personalize customer experiences and optimize each campaign with data-first enterprise solutions for any channel and device.
Service Cloud allows you to automate your processes, streamline your workflows, and deploy the right agent at the right time.

Increase in subscriber retention

Decrease in subscriber acquisition cost

Increase in customer lifetime value

Salesforce Customer Success Metrics Survey conducted in 2021 among 4,500+ customers randomly selected. Response sizes per question vary.

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Subscriber management platforms can help media companies win at customer retention.


Put your data to work to improve subscriber services and keep audiences engaged.


Learn how technology can help media companies successfully keep subscribers engaged.