Salesforce for Professional Services

Harness your data—and put people first.

Increase client trust with AI + Data + CRM.

Deliver digital tools and people-focused experiences for your employees and your clients with Customer 360 for Professional Services.


Accounting, Tax, & Audit

Use AI and automation to accelerate collaboration and boost team productivity. Harness real-time unified customer data to deliver more insight for your business and build deeper client relationships. Digitize your business by integrating your current systems with best-in-class CRM apps.


Mobilize teams quickly so consultants spend less down time between projects. Accelerate value for clients by getting teams up and running faster. Collaborate in real-time across practice groups, clients, and firms, increasing productivity and unifying the client experience.

Staffing & Recruiting

Meet talent expectations with personalized experiences that put the right people where they’re needed—at just the right time. Automate tasks so recruiters can spend more time on what matters: finding talent, filling roles, and driving value. Streamline recruiting, place talent faster, and wow your clients to drive efficient growth.

Unite your firm around a shared view of every client with Customer 360.


Customer 360

With AI and real-time, actionable data all built on the world’s #1 CRM, you can create personalized experiences that wow your clients — every time.

See how IBM’s collaborative communities build a more vibrant work culture.


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