2019 Holiday Shopping Predictions

Discover what shoppers want most this season.


Your Path to Holiday Marketing that Sleighs

The mark of a successful holiday season? Continued engagement that brings shoppers closer to your brand with every interaction. As the number of messages peaks, these are the best practices and tools to guarantee yours resonate.



Identify the right audiences.

Power segmentation and predict shopper engagement with AI.

Create an email welcome series.

Introduce your brand to shoppers over a period of time to drive engagement.

Save every sale.

Engage shoppers who leave your site with an abandonment email series.



Reunite shoppers with carts.

Set an abandoned-cart email trigger to prompt a reminder to make the purchase.

Make every email relevant.

Use predictive intelligence to increase offer relevance and engagement at scale.

Boost email deliverability.

Ensure emails are seen every time by using a list validation service.



Push tailored notifications.

Drive connection during shopping micro-moments with mobile messaging.

Map out holiday promotions.

Maximize impact with a promotions strategy that runs through the season.

Win back email subscribers.

Re-engage dormant contacts with win-back emails, automated for scale.



Incentivize in-store visits.

Geofencing technology prompts location-based offers that drive store traffic.

Write the best subject lines.

A/B test subject lines to ensure your emails stand out in your shopper’s inbox.

Create mobile-first coupons.

Elevate coupon performance among mobile shoppers with a mobile-first strategy.



Convert followers to shoppers.

Shift acquisition tactics to listen and engage in real time on social channels.

Check in on system performance.

Ask providers for real-time alerts and system performance updates.